Perfect health is what helps us enjoy our life. It's the most important and vulnerable aspect of our life and, fortunately, astrology can help you when it comes to health matters.

2020 will see Sagittarian natives in good health but some periods of a lowered level of energy are possible. It will be best for you to seek a positive environment. Don’t let toxic people harm your inner spirits. Don’t forget that your emotional state can affect your physical health significantly.

As your House of Health is not your House of Power in the year ahead, you will not be interested in this sphere even though it deserves your attention, in particular, in certain periods throughout the year when some of your body parts are vulnerable.

Your heart will be the most delicate organ during the period starting from July 20 until August 3. Rest more during these days. Your health is more important than your career. Venus, your Health Planet, will go retrograde from May 13 to June 25. Your stomach will require your attention. Plan your diet carefully. Your physical condition will improve after September 12 when Jupiter’s negative influence decreases. You will be in good spirits and full of energy.

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