What To Do And What NOT To Do To Make Signs Fall For You

Wouldn't it be great if there was a way to make someone fall in love with you? Good news: astrology can help you. All you need to know is your crush's Zodiac. Below, you can see surefire ways to make someone develop feelings for you based on their signs!

Published: Jun 26, 2023

If Your Crush Is Aries 

Aries people get bored really easily, and they're attracted to mysterious things, so make sure not to give them everything at once — keep some mystery. Do something different, maybe a little crazy. If you're not really creative, just try to make dating energetic. Maybe have a picnic in the park and bring some exotic or interesting foods. 

Another way to get to their heart is genuineness: be as honest and open as you can. The most important thing to attract an Aries native is to be yourself. Make sure you're being real with Aries people because they love honesty and authenticity. 

How to make them hate you: Contradict them and disrespect them in public. 

If Your Crush Is Taurus 

How to attract signs
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To catch the eye of a Taurus, try to be attentive to their wants and needs and show them that you really care. Taureans can be stubborn, but they also have a romantic and sensual side due to being ruled by Venus. If you want to win them over, it's not enough to just talk about it; you have to show this through your actions. Once they see how caring and affectionate you are, their walls will come down, and they'll start to reciprocate your love and kindness. 

Another way to win them over is to know that Taureans value humor and gentle physical touch. Their first impression of someone is very important as it affects their overall view of that person. If you want to charm a Taurus, try to approach conversations in a fun and playful way. 

How to make them hate you: Take them for granted. 

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If Your Crush Is Gemini

If you want to charm a Gemini, talk to them about something intellectual. For example, Geminis like it when people ask them for book recommendations. Or, if you know a lot about a specific topic, tell them about it. If a Gemini talks about their new hobby, ask them to tell you more about it. This sign enjoys showing off their knowledge or skills. 

You also need to remember that Geminis are cautious about opening up. You have to earn their trust by demonstrating why you deserve it. However, one negative trait of Geminis is that they can be paranoid. They often become suspicious and start overthinking. 

How to make them hate you: Interrupt them. 

If Your Crush Is Cancer 

How to attract signs
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Cancerians are known for being sensitive and kind-hearted. If you want to impress them, show them your emotional side. For example, talk about charities that support children, as this is something that Cancerians care about. 

They also enjoy being taken care of, so cooking them a delicious meal is a great idea. To set the mood, keep the lights low and play romantic songs. If you're interested in a female Cancer, ask for permission before kissing or touching her. If you're dating a male Cancerian, take the initiative and make the first move. 

How to make them hate you: Disregard their emotions. 

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If Your Crush Is Leo

To make a Leo fall for you, give them your full attention. Compliment them on everything from their fashion sense to the way they eat. Remember that they deserve the best things — the fanciest restaurants or the best spot on your picnic blanket. 

And one more thing… If you let your natural radiance shine through, a Leo native will find you instantly attractive. This will show them that you're confident, which is the first thing they typically notice in a crowded room. 

How to make them hate you: Insult them or make them doubt themselves. 

If Your Crush Is Virgo 

How to attract signs
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Even though they may appear reserved at first, Virgos have strong opinions when it comes to dating. As an earth sign, they're sensual and do not like to compromise — probably because they hold themselves to high standards. To charm a Virgo, it's important to pay attention to them. They have a dreamer's heart and will appreciate you if you ask them thoughtful questions about their passions, goals, and hobbies. Showing a genuine interest in them demonstrates that you're committed to your connection. 

How to make them hate you: Don't appreciate what they do. 

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If Your Crush Is Libra 

Libra is a fun-loving sign that enjoys finer things in life. Ruled by Venus, the planet of romance, Libras are known for their love of spontaneity and their ability to play the field. For Libra natives, the most important thing is having fun and living in the moment. To attract them, it's important to show them your easygoing nature. 

If they see that you can adapt to changes easily, they'll be inspired by your attitude. If you're willing to change your plans for them, it shows that you're open to anything. 

How to make them hate you: Fight/argue with them or disrespect them. 

If Your Crush Is Scorpio 

How to attract signs
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Scorpio people are known for using their mysterious personality to their advantage. It can be challenging to determine what your Scorpio actually enjoys or loves, as they tend to keep their emotions hidden. But when they finally decide to open up, Scorpios want to be sure that your feelings are genuine. 

If a Scorpio native shows interest in you, avoid playing games with their emotions. Be as open and honest as possible, and try to show them that you're taking your connection seriously. 

How to make them hate you: Force them to do something they don't want. 

If Your Crush Is Sagittarius 

Sags approach life in a unique way, seeking freedom, new experiences, and adventure. They aren't interested in traditional (or boring) relationships, but they do want someone to join them on their journey. They don't want to stay alone forever, even though they're so freedom-loving. 

To charm a Sagittarius, share your passions and dreams with them (especially if your dreams are a bit crazy). Let them know about your hobbies and aspirations in life. They'll definitely appreciate your ambitions and will want to be a part of your life. 

How to make them hate you: Disregard their opinions and tie them down. 

If Your Crush Is Capricorn

How to attract signs
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Caps typically approach romance with a practical mindset, treating their relationships like business arrangements. That may seem… not really romantic, but it's essential to them that they invest their time and energy into a potential long-term connection. 

If you want to attract a Capricorn, remember that honesty is key. Share your values, opinions, and expectations for the relationship early on, and don't be afraid to tell them what you need to be happy. Caps appreciate forthrightness and will respect your honesty, which will make it easier for them to determine if you're a good partner for them.

How to make them hate you: Destroy or disrespect their hard work. 

If Your Crush Is Aquarius 

Aquarius is a unique and unpredictable sign that enjoys taking a special approach to romance. Typically, they have a large and diverse group of friends that are important to their happiness, so it's not uncommon for their romantic connections to start as friendships. 

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If you want an Aquarius to fall for you, make sure to be open-minded and show them some hidden sides of your mind. Don't be afraid to be weird or a little bit crazy with them. Start by forming a friendship, talk about their passions or hobbies, and see where it takes you! 

How to make them hate you: Refuse to let them express themselves. 

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If Your Crush Is Pisces 

How to attract signs
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Pisceans always look for fairytale-style relationships and want their partner to be their Prince (or Princess) Charming. Pisces natives are very sensitive and fall in love quickly, so they do well in relationships with other sensitive signs (such as Cancerians, for example). 

To attract a Pisces native, show interest in their creative side by sharing your playlists, art, or other creative things with them. Even if it feels silly, reading a love poem written for them will make your Pisces partner happy! 

How to make them hate you: Act like they (or their emotions) annoy you.

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