Free Online Fortune Telling Crystal Ball

Crystal balls aren’t only a spooky prop used in Hollywood films. Since ancient times, people have looked to them to connect to the divine and to get answers to their most important questions. Today, fortune telling with a crystal ball are still an excellent addition to anyone’s psychic toolbox.

What Is a Fortune Telling Crystal Ball

Crystal balls can help you receive helpful messages from spirit.

Today, crystal balls are synonymous with stereotypical psychics looking to tell your future. However, using a crystal sphere for a reading can be a helpful and fun way of gathering information from your higher self. This method of divination is called “scrying,” a practice that involves staring intently at an item to induce a light trance. While in this state, a person can receive messages or visions that provide answers to any questions they may have. The clear glass of the crystal ball allows the person using it to stare deeply into the sphere without any distractions, offering helpful and accurate predictions.

Fortune Telling Crystal Ball History

Crystal balls have been used for scrying for thousands of years.

Crystal ball fortune telling is a practice that dates back thousands of years. Also known as “gazing balls,” these tools were used for predicting the future and contacting spirits. The first crystal balls were found as early as the 1st century in the Roman Empire and were popular tools used for conversing with the Gods.

Eventually, the Medieval Church condemned the use of crystal balls and other fortune telling methods, though the presence of these items remained. Queen Elizabeth I employed an astrologer and mathematician who was known to use real crystal balls in his work. Later, the Victorian Era saw a resurgence of using crystal balls for magic work, psychic readings, and communicating with the deceased during the spiritualist movement. Additionally, they were a popular decoration in the large sprawling gardens that were common in the era. 

What Is an Online Fortune Telling Crystal Ball?

Use an online crystal ball for quick and easy answers.

You don’t have to use a physical thing to get a helpful and accurate crystal ball reading? A virtual one will do just fine! Using this online tool is easy. The first thing you’ll do is think about the issue at hand and choose your question. When working with an online crystal ball reader, it’s best to format your question to receive a yes or no answer. Next, sit in meditation so that you can feel grounded and centered. When connecting with your energy, do your best to find yourself in a neutral state and abandon all negative energy that is not relevant to your question. Try to release all feelings you have for just a moment. Feeling sad, anxious, or even happy and excited can disconnect you from receiving an accurate answer. Ask your question once you’re as close to a neutral state as possible. Your higher self and guides will answer you through the virtual world with the online crystal ball.

Fortune Telling Crystal Ball Example Questions

You can your crystal ball yes or no questions while you're still getting used to using it.

To start, you can try asking the crystal ball a straightforward question that doesn’t hold too much weight. Starting this way can help your energy acclimate to using this new tool. You can ask something as simple as “should I get pizza for lunch?” or “should I go to the party tonight?” This goes back to what was discussed earlier about settling into a neutral energy before using the crystal ball. Once you’re used to this feeling, you’ll be able to tap into it whenever you need to.

As you become more comfortable using a crystal ball, you can ask more complex questions. For example, you can ask what you should do regarding an urgent situation or inquire about day-to-day issues like work or your relationships. If you’re using a physical glass crystal ball, you can stare deeply into it to see images, feelings, or even words from your inner voice giving you the answer. If you’re using a free forunte telling crystal ball online, receive the answer and then meditate on the deeper meaning behind it.

Hopefully, you receive an answer you like when using a scrying crystal. But if you don’t, remember you’re in control of your destiny. Write down your question with the answer you received and think about ways to shift your energy toward having a more favorable result. Sometimes you’re not energetically aligned for what you desire, but that doesn’t mean you’ll never receive it! It just means that you still have some work to do before you’re ready to get what you’re asking for. Using a crystal ball is a wonderful way to receive guidance on how you can create your best reality. 

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