Weekly Love Horoscope

April 6-12, 2020

This could be a week where you give more thought to how your emotional world or a special connection affect or influence other areas of your world. But the real risk surrounds you putting too much emphasis on every other area apart from your love life because you see it as more of a hampering influence than a helpful one. Don't make the mistake of seeing the proverbial glass in your romantic world as half empty. If you allow love to receive as much attention as other areas do, then you could find that your world improves noticeably.
Your instincts will confirm that a romantic or relationship scenario could go on indefinitely - but is that what you want? You appear to want answers rather than allow something to continue to be vague or ill-defined with matters of the heart. It's also by asking questions that you can gain a realistic overview of not only where you stand with a particular person, but what may have been happening or continues to happen in the background. Step forward, say your piece, and prepare to be enlightened.
Passion could manifest unexpectedly in your emotional world this week. But whether you're single or attached, it could be an intellectual connection or a shared interest that lights a fire within you or possibly revives your mojo. If you sensed that you and the object of your affections were 'on the same page' in some way, then you could have that fact confirmed wonderfully during the coming days. A mutual keenness to explore or champion a particular cause creates a meeting of minds that can lead to something more profound.
Not only does something receive 'the green light' in a love partnership itself or that you and the object of your affections want to create together, but you could also chomp at the bit to seize it or get it underway. Time appears to be of the essence, and spending time deliberating whether you should take a bold or experimental step may not be an option. Quick reflexes and quick thinking are needed with matters of the heart this week!
Loving relationships will probably have a noticeably more serious vibe or feel to them this week and well beyond. But you're involved in a process intended to bring necessary realism to special connections or one in particular. It's also intended to create stronger foundations for a close connection. But all of this comes from love life lessons on offer. With love comes responsibility, and it could be your duties or obligations to a particular person that you start to take more seriously this week.
If circumstances have made it difficult for you and the one you love to talk openly or possibly communicate on any level, then you should find this improves during the coming days. There still could be numerous boxes communication-wise that you would like to see ticked with a particular person. However, it's also possible that you and your paramour could have something new to focus on that is the catalyst for potentially deeper levels of conversation and focus.
You could be aware that change is manifesting in your emotional world or a special connection. However, any uncertainty or insecurity attached to this is healthy. If you feel both, then that's a clear sign that something is evolving with matters of the heart or a special connection, and you have gradual adjusting to do. What you must guard against is clinging rigidly to a belief that what's changing isn't doing so positively. This week's Full Moon in your sign implies you're at the start of a long journey but can trust that you will love the destination.
Emotional foundations could be strengthened noticeably this week. Your Scorpion intuition may have detected that something between you and another was building in strength or passionate intensity. But passion can work both ways, and as delightful and sweet as some developments will be during the coming days, you and the one you love may have to put your heads together to resolve an ongoing and potentially draining matter. Focus on what's moving forward because progress and closure where you want either or both are on offer.
An abundance of love and comfort is on offer where relationships are concerned as Venus influences partnerships. Whether you're single or attached, you can expect harmonious, loving vibes to come from somebody you'll be grateful to receive both from. But how much love, warmth, and comfort you receive depends on how willing you are to embrace the spirit of partnership and collaboration with the one you love or someone you want to be closer to. Venus wants to sweeten your closest alliances - so work with and embrace the magic on offer for this to happen.
Let matters of the heart provide the safe and comfortable haven you might need during the coming days. Regardless of what occurs in other areas of your world, you can be certain that your love life offers a chance to immerse yourself in warmth and maybe even admiration. Regardless of your relationship status, you have a chance to benefit from delightful and authentic emotional and affectionate support this week. If you need reassurance or proof of how loved and admired you are, then both appear to be coming.
Matters of the heart could feel intense, and with an equally heavy weight on your shoulders when it comes to responsibilities or obligations that seem to increase. But any pressure you feel exists for a reason that forms part of a much bigger and inspiring picture. You're encouraged to assess honestly how you want every aspect of your world to be, and your love life is no exception. But whether you're single or attached, a relationship is as much about the provision of security and stability as it is love, warmth, and pleasure.
This week, where matters of the heart are concerned, it's not so much a case of what you say but how you say it that matters. There is scope for misinterpretation or misunderstandings, but that's something you're able to nip in the bud with the right communicative approach or strategy. A lover wants to be talked with or to rather than 'at.' Whether you're single or attached, this is a time to blend your imagination with a sensitive way of conveying or expressing yourself to achieve potentially delightful results.
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