Weekly Horoscope

April 6-12, 2020

This week brings an intense link between Mars and Uranus. You're bound to feel edgy, wound up, and under considerable pressure. In fact, if you're able to keep your temper in check, then you could be a shining example of self-control or self-restraint. It's as if the universe wants you to get mad or intensely passionate about something. But if you can harness the intense energy brewing within you this week productively, then you could find that it brings a much better and very satisfying result.
This week brings an interesting link between Venus and Neptune. One of the many likely symptoms of this connection is confusion or being acutely aware of the lines blurred in a particular situation. You could have a strong feeling about someone or something, but the conflict between what your head and heart tell you makes this unnecessarily complicated. The message from the universe to you this week is: trust what your instincts tell you, even if the message is one you prefer to ignore. Your inner voice will always tell you the truth. This week, make a point of acknowledging and accepting that.
This week brings a link between Mercury and Pluto. It could pose the question about whether something connected with the future appears as a brilliant or bright ray of light or an intimidating, dark cloud. But we can't ignore the fact that Pluto governs transformation, among many things. The way it links with your ruling planet, Mercury, suggests that it has plans for you - and you should not be in any way fearful of or pessimistic of these. If you allow coming events to confirm reasons why you can and should feel supported and optimistic, then you'll find that what looms on the horizon is worthy of embracing wholeheartedly.
You're receptive to the idea that progress requires you to take the initiative or be proactive. But you mustn't allow any sense of doubt to cause you to invest both faith and effort to a particular point. You could see a clear line in your mind about how much of both you should apply because investing more may feel pointless, futile, or counterproductive. Your instincts are bound to push you in a particular direction this week. Whatever path you feel pushed toward, trust that it is the right one - and then give it everything you've got.
Are you aware of the fine line that exists between being passionate and obsessive? Even though you feel passionate about turning a vision into something real, guard against doing so excessively. Your mission this week must involve ensuring that passionate determination doesn't become obsessiveness. What you want to create, bring or improve can happen but only with careful and sensitive steps applied to it.
As Mercury links with Jupiter this week, you're encouraged to address honestly what you're capable of in at least one area of your world. You could come up with an idea or make a decision that improves a less than desirable or uncomfortable situation significantly. For this to happen, you must distinguish between something you believe you want and what you know, in your heart, you genuinely need. Make that distinction and get that balance right, and a comforting, pleasing, and inspiring development awaits.
As Venus links with Neptune, a glimpse into a particular situation or a taste of something could encourage you to want more of it. Financially and romantically, your outlook is impressive. It's also possible that a creative challenge can offer an opportunity to bring a new level of brightness to at least one area of your world that could benefit from a ray of hope or sunshine. If you can blend your imagination with ingenuity this week, then you can take what has appeared to be uninspiring or problematic down a much more inspiring and optimistic trajectory.
This week, ss mental Mercury links with your ruling planet Pluto, you mustn't try to hasten a process unfolding in its own way in time. Despite how much you might wish results, progress, or certain improvements were more encouraging or visible, trust that you're in the throes of a positive and transformative process. Soon, your current circumstances will likely appear vastly different. But that will be the result of the process working on your behalf that cannot be rushed. Focus instead on here and now in the knowledge that change or improvement you yearn for is coming - and soon.
This week, as Mercury links with Jupiter, you are superbly placed to make something impressive, and maybe even spectacular, happen. Although you're about to take an idea and turn it into something that can alter an unsatisfactory situation beyond recognition, the process may not be as instant as it appears to be. You know you've had to go through an intense trial and error process to get to where you are. But now that you're armed with experience-based wisdom, and may have learned something the long or hard way, trust that you cannot fail to impress others and, above all, yourself.
This week brings a fantastic but likely intense link between Jupiter and Pluto, both of which are in your sign. Events this week could be pivotal in terms of opening doors that were barred, shut, and bolted. Don't be surprised if you find yourself in new or very unfamiliar situations or scenarios. Trust that your optimism is enhanced powerfully for a very real and valid reason. Developments might feel fast and furious, but what transpires this week could be pivotal and memorable in more ways than one.
If an emotional release helps to clear the air or make suppressed thoughts or feelings known to a particular individual, then there could be benefits to this happening. But just because you're dealing with tense and intense energy doesn't mean you have no option other than to succumb to it and allow it to dictate or influence what you say or do. If you detect this energy increasing in strength and size, then step back and give it a chance to subside before pursuing a particular matter. Anger or confrontation don't need to form part of the equation where a particular discussion is concerned.
As Mars links with Neptune, be aware of not only the potential for misunderstandings but also for conflict. If you sense it manifesting an area of your world, then don't be integral to putting more fuel on what could already be a raging fire. There are ways that you can help reduce or eliminate tension or confrontation. Your instincts are bound to be useful in pointing you toward the right things to say or do to keep the peace and maintain balance in at least one area of your world. With enough of an open, compassionate mind, that shouldn't be a problem.