Money Prosperity Spread

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Explore your financial situation in great detail and understand your money habits better. What if you earn plenty of money but just don’t know how to manage it? Or you may be good at money management but your income is too low.

Just ask the Tarot about your financial situation and your future!

What angles will be explored in this reading?

  • Your current situation
  • Your feelings about yourself in your situation
  • Your dreams and hopes
  • Your view of money
  • Your thoughts about your career
  • Your earnings potential
  • Your problems and how to solve them
  • Your opportunities
  • Your money management
  • Your financial outlook in the future
Money Prosperity Spread
7 Cards
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Nataly Porter
I’m Nataly Porter, an avid writer, editor, tarot reader and astrology expert.

I adored horoscope readings when I was a child, and they (almost) always came true for my sign! Later, I discovered another divination method, that when combined with astrology, can provide you with astonishing insights into your fate. I have tried quite a few most popular decks, and today I am ready to perform a reading for you with my favorite one - Anima Mundi. Ready to start?

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