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Yes or No?
Let the Wheel Decide for You!

Making decisions all day is stressful. Let the Yes or No Wheel decide on some easier choices and let your mind rest. Some easy daily choices could be:

  • Is this next step right for me?
  • Am I reading this energy correctly?
  • Should I ask this person on a date?
  • Should I sell everything and move to an island? (Okay, maybe not quite this one, but you see where we're going.)

No more back and forth worrying about all the options. The Yes or No random wheel will make the decision and tell you the whole truth.

  • Yes
  • Maybe
  • No
Number of Input Sets
Don't stress over all the choices you have to make
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What is the Yes or No Wheel?

The Wheel of Yes or No is exactly that, a wheel that randomly generates a yes or no to your question. This is a tool to be used when you are discouraged about your indecision. When it is a constant back and forth of pros and cons, this fortune wheel takes the stress away by answering it for you. 

How to Use the Yes or No Wheel

Using the No or Yes Wheel is very simple. You ask the question that needs an answer and hit the SPIN button generator. This will spin the wheel of yes or no and produce your answer: obviously, a "yes" or a "no"...or a "maybe" if you include that random choice option. 

Use the Yes or No Wheel Online to make those decisions easier
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Wheel Customization 

Our Yes or No picker wheel has multiple options to align with your preferences. With two modes or either "yes or no" or "yes, no, maybe", you can choose the option that best suits you. There is also a multiple choice of input sets available. Each set corresponds with the number of answers on the wheel. An example is setting to the option 5 sets. This means that there will be five yes's, five no's and five maybe's depending on the mode you chose. Our wheel of fortune "Yes or No" also keeps track of the number of each answer if you choose to ask the same question multiple times, like a best two out of three. Once you have set your preferences, simply ask your question and click the spin button. 

Is the Yes or No Wheel Accurate? 

The Yes or No Spinning Wheel is a generator. It is as accurate as you need it to be. As with all divination tools, it will be attracted to your energy and the true decision you are looking for, whether you think you want that decision or not. Take what resonates and leave the rest. If you want to enhance its accuracy, take a few minutes prior to asking and calm your mind. When you ask the question, focus on the question, not the desired answer. The decision-maker wheel can help you really look at all the positive/negative options if you let it.

Using divination tools can help answer questions in your life
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While a Yes or No Spinner Wheel may be new for you, cultures have used these types of tools for millennia. From dice to crystal balls and pendulums, there are numerous ways to get answers to your questions. With technology today, most things have an online alternative. That is what this is. This spinning wheel "Yes or No" will give guidance when needed and may just help you figure out those dauntingly huge questions or those tiny annoyances. The options are endless. 

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