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Weekly Love Horoscope for

A New Moon in your sign is YOUR New Moon, Aries. It waits for instructions from you regarding where you want a fresh start or a clean slate. Might this be helpful in your emotional world or with a special bond? If you've wanted to create a better balance with all you give, sacrifice, and compromise in the name of love, the New Moon can help. But what do perfection and an ideal relationship have in common? They're illusions. That's worth remembering this week.

How to cope with financial problems?

Do you feel that you often lack money? Is your low salary to blame, or do you suffer from heavy expenses? Get a detailed analysis of your financial situation now!

Should you break up with them? Roll the dice to see.

Crystal Ball

What will happen?

Find out what the future has in store for you: love, betrayal, luck, success… Just ask any yes/no questions and get answers!

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