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Wellness Horoscope - September 18-24, 2023

It's possible that some hidden emotions will come to the surface in the course of the week. You may think that they have nothing to do with your health but it's not right ' they are, in fact, deeply connected with your well-being.

How does your partnership actually work?

This tarot spread will tell you about any type of partnership in your life, from the one with your partner to business, career, or family relationships.

Practice vigorous workouts regularly and try to be more careful in your approach to life. It will help you get rid of negative thoughts and spend more time relaxing and meditating. Listen to your inner self as it's the key to your happiness and wellness.

Will you get a promotion? The Magic 8 ball knows!

Is the love between you and your ex possible?

Would you like your ex-partner to come back? Will it lead to positive consequences, or will it ruin your life? Click to find out!

Reconciliation Tarot

The cards say that today you can fix it all! Waiting is fatal..

Heal my relationship