How does your partnership actually work?

This tarot spread will tell you about any type of partnership in your life, from the one with your partner to business, career, or family relationships.

Weekly Love Horoscope for

If you're in a relationship, be ready to make a compromise instead of getting into a tangle early in the week. The latter could get ugly fast. Singles who take a methodical approach to a romantic situation (listing pros and cons, for example) may come out ahead. Romantic excitement is in the stars around Wednesday and Thursday, and the form it'll take is largely dependent on you. Go after what you desire! This weekend, something in the love department that seems minor may end up being a big deal or even a deal-breaker.

Improve your love life with runes!

The oldest Runic alphabet Elder Futhark is here to answer all your questions! See if your partner REALLY loves you!

If your intuition is failing you, roll the dice to see the truth!

Are you and your partner compatible?

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Yes/No Wheel

Find your answers!

Should you do it? If you have a tough decision to make, the Yes/No Wheel can help. Just focus on your question and SPIN IT!

Reconciliation Tarot

The cards say that today you can fix it all! Waiting is fatal..

Heal my relationship