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Overall Score: 7.5/10 First Third: Intense Emotions Score: 8/10 This month starts with deep emotional currents. Dive into the depths of your feelings and encourage open heart-to-heart discussions. You should: express your passion, trust your intuition. You shouldn’t: be overly possessive. Allow freedom. Opportunities: Strengthening emotional bonds, mutual vulnerability. Warnings: Avoid extreme jealousy; trust your partner. eonian Mid-Month: Mystical Connections Score: 7/10 The core of the month brings a mystical touch. Explore spiritual realms or delve into shared secrets. You should: engage in deep conversations and uncover mysteries together. You shouldn’t: hide feelings. Be transparent. Opportunities: Spiritual bonding, shared inner explorations. Warnings: Avoid becoming too secretive; openness is key. Last Third: Transformative Growth Score: 7.5/10 The month concludes with transformative energies. Embrace changes and let the old patterns die to make way for new growth. You should: embrace evolution, shed past burdens. You shouldn’t: hold onto grudges. Practice forgiveness. Opportunities: Renewed relationship dynamics, personal growth. Warnings: Do not resist change; go with the flow. Overall: Scorpio, this month is about deep emotions, mystical connections, and transformative growth. Dive deep into the oceans of feelings, explore the unknown together, and allow transformative energies to rejuvenate your love life.

Yes/No Wheel

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Should you do it? If you have a tough decision to make, the Yes/No Wheel can help. Just focus on your question and SPIN IT!

Decision Making Spread

10-Card Reading. This Tarot spread speaks about your choices. It can be a choice between career options, partners, and many more.