Activating Talismans

Easy Ways to Find, Cleanse, and Activate Your Talisman

Published: Jun 03, 2020

Got a shiny piece of jewelry or just a pendant you especially like? Before putting it on, turn them into something more than just a piece of jewelry! Read on to find out how to create talismans: activate them, purify them, and make them beneficial for you and your body!

What is a talisman?


A talisman is defined as an object that is thought to have magic powers and to bring good luck. Common examples of talismans may be an engagement ring, a pendant, or a bracelet. A jewelry piece gets an additional meaning and is thought to protect the relationship it symbolizes.

But in fact, every object can be a talisman. Even your cellphone, or your hairpin. After all, your phone is a shiny object where you probably store all the photos of your loved ones and all those apps that help you connect with them. In a sense, your cellphone also offers some protection from ‘bad’ forces because many of us feel less safe if they accidentally leave our house without our phone!

How to find your talisman

If you want to use ‘classic’ talismans, choose some of the most common stones that offer protection (amber, amethyst, Apache tears, black tourmaline, jet, malachite, or gems that are associated with your Zodiac sign) but you can also use stones that you feel are talking to you on the emotional level. Ask your grandma or mom if there are some interesting jewelry pieces in the history of your family you can start wearing.


Another way to find your talisman is to pick a card. Any Tarot card can become your talisman if you start feeling it and talking to it on a deeper level. Pick one at random or select the one that resonates with you spiritually. Place it in your purse or just keep it somewhere you can see it!

How to activate your talisman

Activating your talisman is a way to boost its spiritual resonance and attract the attention of benevolent forces. To make your talisman work, you don’t need to read any long and confusing spells. Just light a candle (it will set the right mood), hold your talisman in your hands, close your eyes, and try to connect your mind with its energies. Feel it!

How to purify your talisman


What’s the point of purifying it? It’s simple: objects can pick up energetic impressions of their makers (or previous owners), or their environments. You don’t want your talisman to be full of negative energies, do you? 

To make your talisman blank (this way, the energies you fill it with won’t be at odds with the energies it contains), you need to hold it under running water (preferably from a creek or fountain) or leave it in a bowl of salt overnight. Imagine that the object is being purified, feel it. You can also purify it with your visualization, or your thoughts: just hold it in your hands, close your eyes, and imagine that all the negative energies are going away.

How to charge your talisman


Charging your talisman means making it even stronger than it already is. Before you start, spend at least a few moments meditating with the object in your hands. Visualize the thing or the feeling you want your talisman to help you achieve. Do you want to be lucky? Or maybe feel protected? Or even to find love? Visualize it (but try being more specific than “I want money”). List the traits of your ideal job, or describe the feelings you want to feel in detail. The most important thing when charging your talisman is to stop worrying. 

Don’t let any negative thoughts enter your mind or your talisman! Phrase your intentions in a positive way: “My business is thriving”, or “I am healthy”, for example. Say your intentions aloud! After that, formulate your thoughts into POSITIVE images and fantasies. Don’t think about why you need protection, imagine yourself already being protected!

No matter what you choose for your talisman, no matter what you want to achieve, just be positive when “talking” to your special object, and it will respond very soon! Tap to find out how your Zodiac sign can become more successful!

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