Tarot Mistakes

Here's how to make your Tarot and runic readings more efficient

Published: Jun 30, 2023

Tarot and runic readings are good ways to peer into your future and find the answers to the questions that matter to you. But how to ask those questions the right way? Is there a right way at all?! 

Here we will go through some rules to follow when asking Tarot cards and runes questions – with this list of tips, you will find out how to do your readings correctly. 

Tarot tips

a Tarot card deck on a wooden table

The best thing about the Tarot is that you can ask everything (or almost everything – some topics are better answered by medical professionals). Cards won’t judge you, they won’t laugh at you for asking something dumb… But of course, there are some requirements for doing your reading correctly. Or more efficiently, to be exact. Here’s the list of rules you should follow!

Ask open-ended questions

The Tarot cards are talkative – so why not let them chat with you a little? They enjoy explaining things, while sticking to a simple yes-no answer looks like an impossible task for them. Allow them to be wordy!

DON’T ask yes-no questions. 

Focus on yourself

woman doing a Tarot reading

Okay, we understand that it may be too tempting. But please. Don’t ask about other people – try to focus on yourself! 

After all, you’re the most important person in the room. Tarot cards don’t usually enjoy answering questions about other people because they may be viewed as an attempt to control uncontrollable. 

DON’T ask about someone else. 

Focus on the present

Again: don’t try to control uncontrollable. You can’t really change the past, so why bother with it at all?! Stick to questions about your present or future. 

DON’T ask about the past. 

Runic tips

Runic readings are different from the Tarot. Just like with the Tarot, you can ask any question and nobody will judge you (except for Odin) but experts say that it’s best to ask broader, more abstract questions through runic readings, while the Tarot can be used in more specific situations. Runes leave you to work out the details, which is where your intuition is helpful. 

a young woman with a third eye

Here’s the list of rules to follow during your runic readings. 

Ask one question

Ask your question and draw one rune from the bag. It’s better to ask just one question in your runic reading. 

Ask yes-no questions

Runes can be just as wordy as the Tarot but they can answer your yes-no questions. Ask your question, draw a rune, and find out if your rune is ‘positive’ or ‘negative’ (their positive or negative meanings can be compared to yes or no answers). 

Ask them about the future or choices 

Actually, in this case, you don’t even need to ask anything – just tell them about your situation or your choices, draw a rune, and read about its meaning. It should tell you enough about what you should do or what will happen. 

Use three runes for broad questions

three rune layout

Another way of using runes is drawing three runes to answer just one question. This runic layout will provide you with a long answer (but it still be pretty abstract so you will have to use your intuition to understand it). The first rune will explore your past, the second will be focused on your present, while the third one will talk about your future.

Use this kind of runic reading to answer broad questions, such as: why I am lonely? Why can’t I become rich? What should I do in this situation? 

Remember that doing a rune reading is not about getting definitive answers. Learn to interpret runes and use your intuition!

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