Karmic Contracts

Karmic Contracts: What Are They and How To Break Them

Published: Aug 15, 2022

What is Karma?

In Sanskrit, Karma means action. According to the Law of Karma, for each action, there’s a reaction. To put it simply, if you do something bad, you will have to pay for it, and if you do something positive, you’ll receive a gift eventually. Karmic Contracts help create balance, and you probably have one right now.

🔒 What is a Karmic Contract

In short, Karmic Contracts mean living and experiencing what needs to be lived and experienced. Contracts teach you, they create balance, make you a better person, and even heal you.

There also may be another type of karma in your life. Find out if you have family karma here!


Karmic Contracts are entered into in order to clear negative actions (karma). Trying to avoid all the unpleasant experiences of these contracts often mean missing important lessons and purposes. Karmic Contracts help us compel ourselves to do something we need to experience in the physical form. Karmic Contracts remind us that no matter how resistant and scared we become, we will fulfill our contractual duties sooner or later. Failing to fulfill our contracts means we will keep reincarnating again and again and facing the same painful lessons again and again until we succeed.

For the laws of life, balance is extremely important. Some events in our lives may seem terrible and undeserved from a human standpoint, but Karma seeks balance, it is unforgiving and just. Although we can’t escape our Karmic Contracts, there may be some opportunities to fulfill them either the painful way or the easier way through healing experiences and lessons.

How to make the right choices and fulfill your Karmic Contracts? This reading may help you.

🔐 How to break Karmic Contracts?


You can’t break them or just forget about them. But what should you do if you’re not sure what your Karmic Contract asks you to achieve? What choices should you make?

Doing good deeds accumulates positive energy and gains you some Dharma points. Doing good always feels good, and all this circulation of good energy can eventually help you clear past karma but of course, you can’t do this quickly. You’ll probably need your whole live to achieve it.

To fulfill your Karmic Contracts, you need to become thoughtful. Become aware of your actions and even your thoughts. This is the first step to fulfill your Karmic Contracts – be connected to yourself, analyze your thoughts, and be kind. And by the way, you can also use your karma to find your love ⁠— here's how! 

🔓 How to overcome Karmic Contracts?

The other way to complete your Contracts is to outdo them. Some say that this is the most effective way because doing good deeds without understanding what you need to learn or achieve may feel satisfying, but in some cases, it does not help you actually fulfill your contracts quickly. It is a wild shot in the dark. 

Some decisions may help you fulfill your contracts. See how to make a decision effectively here!


The reason why they keep meeting each other is that they need to learn their lessons and break free. Imagine that in one of your past lives, you caused a lot of pain to someone. The amount of guilt you now have to carry is immeasurable. Understanding this guilt in your relationship and realizing if you cause the same amount of pain in this life may be the first step to learning your lessons and overcoming your contract. The next step is to deserve forgiveness. Show that you learned the lesson.

This is how you may overcome your Karmic Contract and learn a lesson. You change your response to a repeating pattern and finally break free! Learn more about your karma and how to heal it here.

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