How You Can Use Karma To Find Love

There are a lot of misconceptions about karma and what it means for each person. Karma is not something that punishes you when you do wrong or rewards you when you do good. Rather, think of karma as the collective energy you've carried with you throughout this life and your past lives as well.

Published: Feb 09, 2022

Every thought, belief, intention, and action has culminated into your karma—and that will set the tone for your future. Your romantic karma is no different. It's influenced by your past but can be used to your advantage in order to nurture future relationships. Before you attempt to use karma to find love, it's important to set your intentions. Rather than seeking the perfect relationship, focus on expanding your awareness of yourself and the people you allow into your circle. Focus on karmic growth, and you'll find wealth in love.

Using Karma To Find Love

There are several ways you can use karma to lead you to the right partner and allow you to form a blossoming romance together. Closely following these steps might not guarantee success right away, but they will undoubtedly point you in the right direction. For more detailed romantic instructions, click here and get your personal relationship advice.

Strengthen your karma by loving yourself, at which point you can safely share this love with another person.
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Love Yourself First

It's a cliche, but it's the truth. The relationship you have with yourself is perhaps the most important relationship you'll ever develop in this lifetime and the next, and so on.You've probably heard this one before, and you will certainly hear it again.

The problem is that if you don't love and accept yourself, you will go through life seeking external validation from your partners. However, pursuing and gaining approval is never a feeling that will permanently satisfy you. In fact, it will keep you moving from partner to partner, continually seeking out that feeling of being wanted until again, it's just not enough.

A good, stable relationship is not about the chase. A healthy relationship consists of two partners who love themselves first and then find joy in sharing that love. It is not chaotic, jealous, or materialistic.

Without self-love, you will have trouble forming stable and lasting relationships because you'll be chasing something that you can only find within yourself.

Work On Healing

You might think you can go through life bottling up emotions and hiding your scars. You can certainly take this approach, but you'll find that it creates a roadblock for developing meaningful relationships. There is no textbook approach to healing, and it is not linear. If you want to learn how to heal not only your heart but your body, too, follow this link. Expect to be knocked down while you free yourself of your painful past. Utilize practices like meditation, journaling, and physical exercise to elevate your consciousness.

If you find introspection too challenging, do not be discouraged. Instead, seek help. Therapy is a great way to learn new methods for healing old wounds, and you might excel in more than just your love life. By strengthening your karma, you will effortlessly attract others who are in a similar heightened state.

Honest communication fosters good karma, which in turn, leads to a healthy relationship.
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Communicate Openly With Your Date

Setting the stage for a relationship without first having a good line of communication will likely lead to failure. It's easy to brush off your needs to keep things cordial, but this will do more harm than good in the long run. As difficult as it may be, learn to make yourself vulnerable from the beginning. This way, the expectations are clear, and you won't waste time on someone with whom you ultimately are not compatible. You didn't make it through this many lifetimes just to settle for the mediocre because you were too afraid to speak up.

Analyze Your Date's Karma

Look at your potential partner from a holistic approach. What type of person are they when you're not around? You might not get the chance to be a fly on the wall (and you definitely shouldn't do any spying), but you can certainly get a feel for someone's karma in the way they act toward others. Are they kind to service workers? Do they speak honestly to friends and family? By the way, there’s a sign that astrology calls your perfect partner – click to check.

"You have to be careful when involving yourself with someone else's karma," says author Brownell Landrum. This person may be able to put up a front with you, but by keeping a close eye on how they treat others, you can easily catch a slip-up. Being hyperaware in this scenario is essential because not every facade can last forever, and it's better to seek out the truth sooner rather than later. The last thing you want to do is get tied up with someone else's bad karma.

Karma will reward the patient with a happy relationship.
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Be Patient With Karma

The famous multi-discipline artist Efrat Cybulkiewicz says, "Karma is extremely efficient if one is extremely patient."

If you do right by the universe, karma will deliver great rewards in time. However, they might not always come when you most want or expect them to. And to be honest, playing the waiting game can become highly discouraging.

If you act impatient with karma, you will end up settling for a romance that is beneath what you deserve. Don't be afraid to say no to something that does not feel right, and don't lose sight of who you are and want you ultimately want. In the meantime, focus on your intentions and do right by others. Love will find a way to you.

Be Kind When Things Go Awry

When you think about the struggles you're going through to find love, remember that there's another human being on the other side of your experience. Of course, your search for romance is not the time to settle, but it's not the time to mistreat anyone, either. If you act poorly toward your partner, you'll damage your karma.

It's impossible to shield someone from the inevitable heartbreak they might feel from losing you. Still, there is a way to thoughtfully and respectfully let someone down. And you should certainly not hesitate to do so if you don't feel like the relationship is making you happy.

Use empathy, communicate effectively, and never act out of spite. Karma will reward you in the long run for being a decent human, if nothing else.

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