Which Zodiac Signs Are the Most Compatible Partners?

You must have noticed already that you easily find a common language with some people while find it very hard to do the same with others. Why does it happen? Is there anything wrong with you? Not at all! In fact, for each zodiac sign, it’s normal to get along with some signs only. Which zodiac reps does your zodiac sign always find easy to be in tune with? Scroll to your sign to find out!

By Nataly Porter

Published: Jun 21, 2022

Zodiac signs you are in (or out of) harmony with.

We’ve prepared a compatibility chart for you to easily and instantly understand the compatibility idea. This chart, worked out individually for each sign, takes into account the brightest characteristics of every zodiac representative, including their lifestyles, the way they see the world around them, and the so-called speed of their lives.

Happy compatible couple

Some zodiac signs have many of these factors in common – they can be fee-spirited and extroverted or, vice versa, more closed and homebound. As a result, some zodiac signs have similar goals, similar plans for their life, and similar values, which makes these signs very close and easy to cooperate with. The signs who are different in such basic things can find it extremely hard to find a common language and, as a result, can’t get along well even if they want to. Get a thorough compatibility analysis of your couple

However, this rule can’t be called universal for everyone. Even if the chart says that some two signs are incompatible, in real life the reps of these signs can work hard to overcome the differences between them and their worldviews. In this case, the incompatibility predicted by the zodiac becomes irrelevant. It can work in the opposite direction as well, though – even if the signs are described as good fits, their reps fail to be on good terms because other planets influence them making these people too different. Ready to explore your sign now?


Aries people are, in most cases, passionate people who aren’t afraid of expressing their emotions openly. They easily start a new relationship without too much thinking. When picking the one, they need somebody who will both give them enough freedom and, at the same time, give them all their love. Aries guys are courageous and full of energy; a relationship with them is never boring. They get angry quite easily, but they quickly forgive, too. The things that are the hardest for them are becoming more sensitive, stopping being the boss all the time, and controlling their fierce emotions. By the way, you can use karma to find love. 

The signs that have the highest chances of being on good terms with Aries are the other Air signs – Gemini and Aquarius – as well as Sagittarius. Aquarius is an extrovert, just like Aries, while Sag people love adventures, fresh experiences, and changes just like Aries people do.


Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn compatibility

Taurus, like all Earth signs, is a faithful partner ready to support and nurture his or her significant other. In return, they want their lovers to be as devoted and stable as Taureans themselves are. The romantic aspect of their life is often the most important one for Taurus, so this sign would become a great fit for those who appreciate such close companionship. Taurus partners always feel cared for. The bad things about having a relationship with Taurus are that it’s hard for the reps of the sign to accept criticism or change their steady way of life, even if it’s necessary for your relationship. You can make your love life so much better... Here's how. 

The signs with which Taurus tends to have the most fruitful relationships are Virgo and Pisces. Virgo is practical and cares about his or her partner. Pisces and Taurus are both very romantic and sensitive and understand each other’s feelings well.


Gemini is smart and fun at the same time, that’s why their partners should be good at discussing new ideas as well as trying something new and exciting. Being a Gemini’s partner is not an easy thing because they’re frequently torn apart between their wish to follow the plan and their lack of focus.

The signs that suit Gemini best are Aquarius and Libra. As for Aquarius, they love traveling just like Gemini guys; they also love to change things or see them changed and have proved to be intelligent yet enjoying the fun. Libra people also have lots of interests and love to chat for hours.


Cancer is the most family- and partner-oriented zodiac sign. They will do their best to make their significant other happier. Besides, they’re never tired of exploring the feelings of their partners and know what you’re feeling now even if you haven’t said a word. If your partner or spouse is Cancer, you can relax and enjoy your love life as it’s going to be cloudless.

Cancer soulmates should be looked for among the signs of the Water element. Cancer and Scorpio compatibility is close to perfect, and so is Cancer and Pisces compatibility. Just like Cancer, Scorpio is passionate and emotionally vulnerable. Pisces natives are normally romantic and artistic, and so are Cancer people. Oh, and by the way, if you're still single, use this trick. 


Aries, Leo, Sagittarius compatibility

Leo people are extroverts, and when they love somebody, they want everyone around to know they’re in love. Their energy knows no limits that’s why they’re always in for various activities, especially fun ones. Leo's personality is very bright, too, that’s why they need to struggle to their wish to stay in the center of everybody’s attention. When picking the right partner, Leo natives choose someone unique, brave, and independent.

The signs that suit Leo almost perfectly are Sagittarius and Libra. Leo and Sagittarius's compatibility becomes evident at once as Leo is attracted by the adventurous personality of the other sign. Libra natives are artistic, independent, and social, that’s why those born under the sign would make good partners for Leo.


Virgo natives always willingly show their love and devotion. To help you feel at ease, they will do their best. Having Virgo as your partner is great because they will always stay by your side and care about what you do and what you feel. The thing they have to fight with is their wish to be the best in everything. They will only give their love and their precious time to a partner who appreciates cleanliness as they do, has a reliable plan for many years (or even decades) ahead, and is very practical when it comes to important questions.

When it comes to building a lifelong relationship, Libra reps had better choose among other Earth signs – Taurus and Capricorn. All these zodiac signs have strong analytical skills and are equally faithful to their significant others.


Libra people are very positive and inspiring. They know deep inside what is wrong and what is right, and this is very good for their potential partner. Besides, they are creative people and look for their future significant others among similar people. Sometimes, Libra reps are so involved in the lives of their close friends that they often forget about themselves and lose too much energy because of it.

Libra people easily find a common language with the reps of Fire signs, particularly Leo and Sagittarius. As for the former one, Libra and Leo compatibility is predictable because Leo natives are not afraid of doing what they want to do, and Libra natives appreciate it. On the other hand, a Sag can understand other people easily, and Libra is no exception, that’s why they can make a very good couple.


Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces compatibility

Scorpio is known as the most passionate zodiac sign for whom physical intimacy is of no less importance than the spiritual one. As long as they’re attracted to you, they will do their best to please you. Scorpio natives can help you look in the deepest corners of your soul and see your hidden desires. When Scorpio is in love, they will make you feel special, as if you were the only person in the world.

People who will make the best partners for Scorpio have been born under Scorpio or Pisces. A Scorpio understands another Scorpio easily as they know the intensity with which they both live. As for Pisces, they trust their heart more than their head, just like Scorpio reps do, that’s why they will be emotionally attached.


Sags love to roam the world and eagerly do it together with their partner. They like curious people who always want to explore the universe and would like their partner to be one of this kind. On the other hand, Sagittarians are sometimes too spontaneous and have to learn to discuss their decisions with their partner first.

The people able to make a Sagittarius happy in love are Leo and Aries. They all belong to Fire signs, that’s why it’s easier for them to understand each other. Another thing that unites them is their passion.


Caps are faithful and loving people who work hard to provide for their loved ones and themselves. Their partners feel safe both in the relationship and in their life as they know that as long as they’re with a Capricorn, no evil or dishonesty can enter their couple. In return, Capricorn wants his or her partner to be responsible. The biggest challenge for the sign is to find the proper balance between the pleasant side of life and their work.

Surprisingly enough, Caps make the strongest couples with Pisces and Scorpio that belong to Water signs. Focused Scorpios find it not so hard to understand Capricorn’s wish to work very hard. As for Pisces, they love to indulge their senses, and this attracts Capricorn, too.


Gemini, Libra, Aquarius compatibility

Aquarius natives are inspired by how their partners see the world and what goals they have. Having a free revolutionary spirit, they need more space of their own in a relationship than any other sign. To their partner, Aquarians can offer enormous inspiration and conversations able to stir up their minds. They have to try hard to be more attentive to their dear ones as they’re too busy helping the world around them.

Who can suit an Air sign better than another Air sign? Both Gemini and Libra are encouraged by their nature to save the universe and make it better regularly. Gemini, as well as Aquarius, is interested in different cultures. Libra is known as the friendliest of signs, so it will make friends everywhere (and so will Aquarius).


Pisces people are romantic and artistic. They prefer going with a flow to being too serious and thinking about their future. Pisces people adapt to new circumstances and willingly entertain others. They eagerly discuss new ideas and are very good at thinking out of the box. Pisces reps have to struggle with the attempts of other people to bring them to the real world.

Pisces cooperate best with the signs of their element – Water. Scorpio and Pisces can discuss anything, even if the topic is very dark or even intimate. Pisces and Cancer understand each other without words because they’re connected on an intuitive level.

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