Where to Find Love?

Where to look for true love? Is it a gym, a park, a library, or a nightclub? Get the answer right now! Choose your zodiac sign and learn where to go if you want to find the love of your life. Don’t go with the stream – choose the right places instead!

Published: Nov 03, 2021

Here's how your sign can find true love!


March 21 - April 19

Self-confident Aries natives know what they want and know how to get it. Besides, they’re impatient and prefer to be active in their own territory. For you, the best places to look for the one and only include theatres, concert halls, and cinema halls. If you feel embarrassed, just ask an attractive neighbor for help.

There are also high chances that you’ll meet someone special at a dance club or at an art class. Participating in cultural life will definitely help you kill two birds with one stone! If you’re an athlete rather than a connoisseur of art, go to a popular beach or park to jog and find your soulmate there. 


April 20 - May 20

Where to Find Love: Taurus

Your task to find love doesn’t seem to be too challenging. You only need to visit the same place you visit daily and talk to the people you meet there. Your wonderful talent to communicate will help you behave in the right way and say the right things to the right people. It will turn out to be easier than you think!

Talk to the cashier at a grocery store, offer an attractive waiter at a restaurant to share your dinner with you, or pay compliments to a farmer at the local market. Don’t worry too much about what you say as Taureans are known for their communicative skills. The more you speak, the more people around are delighted.


May 21 - June 20

In most cases, Gemini people face no problems making friends. However, when it comes to love matters things become more complicated. But it’s not the reason to give up! On the contrary, you’ll be surprised to see how simple it is to meet the person you’ve been dreaming about when you’re walking your dog!

Another good idea for Gemini reps is to take long-distance trips and search for the right one while traveling. When you’re far from the well-known places, it’s much easier for you to relax, get personal, and speak about rather intimate things. Want something exclusive? Try getting acquainted with someone right at the airport or a railway station!


June 21 - July 22

What is your opinion, is it possible to meet your soulmate sitting at home all the time? If your answer is not it means the time has come to change things. Start in the easiest way – invite your friends for dinner and ask them to bring their attractive and single friends. The chances are high one of them will become your life partner!

Let the second step be visiting a cooking class as many people who participate in such activities are single and look for their second half, too. Typically, Cancerians have a good sense of humor that’s why visiting a comedy club is a good idea for those who want to start a relationship with the people of the same kind.


July 23 - August 22

Where to Find Love: Leo

It may seem that it’s not a hard task for Leo natives to find the right one as people of this sign draw the eye of everyone around them. However, this factor causes many problems, too. Many of those who would like to start a relationship with Leos are awestruck by their grandeur and can’t move on in the right direction.

To cope with the situations, you could join a volunteer organization and thus seem less intimidating to those who seek your attention. If you want to look sexier than you do now, start participating in a sports activity – your passion for competitions will make you look irresistible. If you want your partner to be smarter, try visiting a book club or a theatre group.


August 23 - September 22

You seem to be a serious no-nonsense persona, but at heart, you’re a real romantic. Don’t be shy and demonstrate how sexy you can be especially if you’re eager to meet the right one. To begin with, you can visit a nightclub or an art exhibition – any place where you’ll feel at ease and get a chance to relax.

If you want something more profound, try to participate in spiritually-oriented gatherings. It can be a yoga studio or even some sacred place where you can meet those who look at their lives from a bit different perspective. Broaden your horizons and you’ll find the one you’ve been searching for!


September 23 - October 23

Being romantic is typical of Libra people and they frequently have a lot of suitors. Among them all, look for those who share your taste for finer things and love to visit art galleries and wine tastings. It will be easier for you to communicate with these people and one of them can eventually become your life partner.

If, on the contrary, you need a counterbalance to your refined views and taste, you can visit a sports event and look for a soulmate there. Another good idea is to go to a new restaurant or a special club for singles. A local gym is a great place to make romantic acquaintances with an eye toward the future, too.


October 24 - November 22

Where to Find Love: Scorpio

Scorpio people are very selective about things and people they like or not. Besides, Scorpio is a very closed person who can’t easily let others into his or her life. This fact can’t but lead to certain problems with finding your significant other – your potential life partners simply don’t understand what you want from them.

To correct the situation somehow, visit the most popular places in your area including luxury bars, hotels, restaurants, as well as fashionable nightclubs. At one of these places, you’ll surely find a person who’ll willingly satisfy your sensual cravings and share your passion for something new and mysterious.


November 23 - December 21

For Sagittarians, the beginning of a romantic relationship should always be connected with some riddle as it’s hard for them to find love in real life. Start with a dating website and create a funny profile – it will surely attract many interesting people and make them contact you. Another idea is to ask some of your friends to organize a blind date for you.

What about a group adventure? You’ll get a chance to get your wants and needs to meet! Try a rafting trip or a ski vacation and make sure your company includes people you’ve never met before but may like now. Most Sagittarians are great storytellers so don’t be afraid of participating in a writing class.


December 22 - January 19

For Capricorns, the biggest challenge is to let down their guards. The thing is, they’re relaxed when they’re involved in a difficult task, so any kind of entertainment they try should also be “challenging”. Try a cooking class – it’s a romantic, fun, and tough activity at the same time.

If household duties aren’t for you, you can try a DIY course of any kind, from sewing to joinery. Don’t forget to look around if you want to meet a cute student! If you want a budget variant of your occupation, visit a local museum or a planetarium and talk to their cute and attractive attendants, too.


January 20 - February 19

Where to Find Love: Aquarius

Making friends for Aquarians isn’t challenging at all, but establishing a romantic relationship can become a hard nut to crack. It may in some way be connected with the fact that Aquarius people don’t belong to the so-called hearts-and-flowers type and it’s difficult for them to act in the way most people do.

Try to produce the most positive impression in a different way – resort to the creative side of your nature. If you sing, dance, or even paint skillfully, you’ll easily attract many admiring glances. Another option is joining an amateur theatre group – many hot actresses or actors can be met there.


February 20 - March 20

In most cases, it’s not so hard for Pisceans to attract romantic glances. The main thing you should do is to turn on your psychic instinct. An animal rescue shelter is a good place to start with and it will only demand a few hours of your time weekly. And what about an office romance?

Pisces people belong to that rare group for whom an office affair is easy to start and participate in. Besides, it’s so easy to be on time when you know someone is waiting for you! A yoga class is another great variant – if an attractive instructor demonstrates a new pose, ask him or her to help you with it!

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