Do You Have Family Karma?

In Sanskrit, karma is “action”; if we tried to explain the word we would say that karma is something that pushes our destiny forward, changes it, influences it in all possible ways. There is even such thing as family karma! What is it, do you have it, and how can it affect you? Read on to get answers!

Published: Jan 25, 2021

Family karma: kids, parents, and ancestors

What can possess a more strongly pronounced karmic meaning than a family? It’s something that lasts from decade to decade and from generation to generation. We can sometimes face a situation when a feature of ours is taken not from our past lives, but our parents. How can it be possible? 

Family karma

The thing is, even if we’re healthy physically, mentally, and spiritually, this can’t always be said about our parents. They may have suffered or been abused earlier, and we are the ones facing the consequences now. In this case, those of us who can’t boast of having a good relationship with their parents will surely be in the firing line. They are destined to inherit family karma and be hurt; on the other hand, their sufferings are not in vain, as they help their close ones reincarnate and become happier in their future lives. 

How to check if you have family karma?

Family karma

All of us have at least some family karma. However, it’s not necessarily bad; it can be positive and make us move forward demonstrating outstanding results. Still, some signs are showing to us that you’re involved in your family karma:

  • You become very sensitive when it comes to your family. Sometimes, you can even notice and feel that some patterns of your ancestors are repeated in your parents, too.
  • Something strange that happens in your family always involves you. It happens because your karma and the energy of your family communicate with each other all the time.
  • You feel you have lots of responsibilities when it comes to your family. It is normal because your inner self wants you to become a part of your family.
  • You don’t feel like a part of your family. Your close people and family members can even think you’re adopted. It happens when there is a big distance between your personality and the “joint” personality of your family. In some cases, you can have the urge to part yourself from your family and become independent to perform your mission.
  • You’re spiritually developed. Your aura is felt and understood by your dear people. You willingly discuss spiritual matters that other people find hard to perceive.

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How to get rid of family karma

get rid of family karma

We can do our best to become better versions of ourselves, but family karma is something that can hold us back all the time, not allowing us to develop. The traumas and sufferings of the past generations live on and can spoil anybody’s life. To cope with the challenges family karma brings, one has to return to the past and try to find out what negative events resulted in the negative consequences we now have to endure. When you become the owner of yourself and your own destiny, you realize it’s not the problems of your family you should take care of but the issues arising in your mind. Once you see it and learn to cope with them, your family karma will become a much easier burden to carry, too.

Other views on karma

Karma in different cultures

According to Buddhism, karma is something that pushes us for actions. However, these actions can be both good and bad. Everything that we do has its consequences, too, and many of our actions are responsible for our will and our desire to live on.

In Hinduism, karma is the result of the actions performed by us during our past lives. When we die, karma starts to develop within our souls. As time passes, it gradually starts to demonstrate itself and stays with us during our next reincarnations. 

Karma and spirits

Karma and spirits

Today, karma and spiritism are viewed as something having a lot in common. When we die and start a new life, our karma travels with us. It’s the result of our actions that took place in our past lives. If we’ve suffered from disagreements in our previous life and previous family, we will probably be born into a similar family with similar problems. How to heal? Do your best to refine yourself and those around you!

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