Are You Supported by Ghosts?

6 signs that spirits are always here to help you!

Published: Jan 24, 2022

Karmic Signs All Around You

How to find out if there are spirits around you that are ready to come to your help or, vice versa, do you some harm? Specialists say, spirits are somewhere close to us all the time; however, in most cases, we just fail to notice their presence. Which are the signs that indicate we’re not alone in the spiritual world? Find them all below!

Karmic Symptom 1: Uncommon feelings and vibrations

Bad karmic omens

Does it sometimes happen to you that you feel something strange around you? Bad omens, a strong feeling that somebody or something is following you, persecutory delusion? Sometimes you may experience chills or a wish to yawn all the time. Be attentive to these signs as they can mean something extraordinary is going on! 

Karmic Symptom 2: Anxiety and frustration

When ghosts are somewhere close to you, you can become nervous quite unexpectedly. You will start to lose patience about the least important things and find a reason to get angry or upset almost all the time and anywhere. Insomnia is possible, too, and as you will find it hard to fall asleep at night, you will feel very sleepy during the day. Nightmares won’t be scarce, too, and they won’t be light ones either. 

Karmic Symptom 3: Odd voices

Odd voices

One day, strange sounds may enter your everyday life. You may hear somebody pronouncing your name; however, you will see nobody when you turn around. You can hear footsteps or strange noises when you’re sure you’re alone at home. In some cases, you can even notice blurred shapes around you, especially when you wake up in the middle of the night. 

Karmic Symptom 4: Pains

Although pains can be caused by health-related reasons, sometimes nobody can understand why they appear. Such pains may come and go without any evident explanation; scars or bruises can appear at night and fail to heal up. In some cases, these pains and bruises can attack not only you but your guests and relatives who visit you, too. It often happens when ghosts know that you care about your close ones much more than you do about yourself. 

Karmic Symptom 5: Unpleasant smells

Unpleasant smells

Ghosts sometimes have strong unpleasant smells, and the longer they stay with you and use your energy, the stronger they become, and the more unpleasant their smells are. In the beginning, you may feel no scent at all, but gradually the smells start penetrating the real world. You can have a shower every hour or clean the house every day, but these methods won’t work anyway. 

Karmic Symptom 6: Conflicts and troubles

The least pleasant phase of all, it sooner or later comes to one’s life, too. Evil ghosts love to see people argue, so they will do their best to make you fight and offend each other. You may start behaving as if you were a different person – be rude to your dearest people or even acting violently towards them and others. This will sooner or later aggravate the tension inside your family or even cause a breakup. 

Karmic symptoms of spirits

It’s not necessary that all these symptoms appear in the order mentioned above; in fact, some of them may not appear at all or be so weak you will never notice them. However, if you notice at least a couple of these signs, the best option is to look for the light and for special spiritual help able to make you stronger.

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