Your Personal Hell

There are those things that annoy you to no end and can even ruin your mood for the whole day. This happens to everybody. But each sign is different, so these little annoying moments vary from sign to sign. What is the most annoying thing for YOUR sign? Read on to explore your personal hell!

Published: Apr 30, 2021

What annoys every zodiac sign?


March 21 - April 19

There are lots of things that can easily make any Aries native furious. In fact, some natives of this fiery sign enjoy being angry. They lose their patience quickly and easily, so if you don’t want to incur the wrath of an Aries native, you better be careful, understanding, and supportive.

Aries personal hell

What does their personal hell look like? You’re at a restaurant with friends or even your loved one, and for some reason, you’re starving. Perhaps, it takes forever to prepare your order, or the waitress just keeps ignoring you. And when your entree finally arrives, your friends help themselves from your plate without asking.

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April 20 - May 20

It’s not easy to make a Taurean native angry. This sign is extremely down to earth and does their best to keep their life well-balanced and chaos-free, so being angry is not their favorite pastime activity. But when something manages to make them mad, you better run for your life!

What does their personal hell look like? They need to pack their things, and every time they think there’s just one box left, they find another big pile of stuff somewhere in the closet. And when they’re done, they find out that they forgot or lost something and need to repack everything. Argh!


May 21 - June 20

Gemini natives are the social butterflies of the Zodiac. They love talking to people, meeting new friends, sharing ideas, and maybe even chatting online with strangers. They’re pretty chill, and making them mad can be a difficult task, but there’s one thing some Geminis absolutely hate: waiting.

So, what does their personal hell look like? They’re chatting with their friend online about something really important… or they’re in a hurry… and it takes forever for their friend to type their message. Gemini can see the “. . .” from their friend typing but they never send the message. And then they end up sending a smiley face.


June 21 - July 22

Cancerians are sensitive people, so making them angry is often quite easy. According to the list of their negative zodiac traits, they can get upset over the most trivial stuff, but the most annoying thing for them is being stuck on a plane and listening to a toddler’s wailing and crying. And their parents do nothing about it. And this is a 10-hour flight.

Cancer personal hell

Or, to make it even worse, the toddler is kicking your seat in a movie theater and dribbling soda onto your lap. Asking them to stop does nothing or makes the experience even more hellish because the toddler’s crying becomes louder. To be honest, most Cancers don’t really know how to handle toddlers.


July 23 - August 22

Leos value themselves and their time, so, to make them angry, you need to aggressively refuse to listen to their reasoning. If you want to make a Leo native very, very angry, try shouting at them and blaming them for something they didn’t do. Waste as much of their time as possible!

So, what does Leo’s personal hell look like? Their boss, colleague, or someone they live with is telling them that there’s a certain problem and Leo is to blame. Then, Leo explains how to fix the problem, but their boss/co-worker/etc ignores their reasoning and just continues shouting.


August 23 - September 22

The most annoying thing for a Virgo is being stuck somewhere with a person who is drinking (or eating) LOUDLY. For you, that's one of the worst traits of zodiac! They’re slurping, they’re munching, and you can’t ask them to stop. You can’t escape. You can’t leave or block the sounds with your earphones. You have to listen, and listen, and listen.

So, for a Virgo, their personal hell looks like this: you’re stuck in a tiny room with lots of people who are loudly eating something with an odor so disgusting your eyes are watering. When you tell them to go eat somewhere else, they call you rude and say that you want them to starve.


September 23 - October 23

Libra natives value balance and harmony above all things. Many of them are obsessed with cleanliness and order and have that a bit unhealthy habit of washing their hands at least thirty times a day. After cooking, they can’t stand the thought of going to bed without cleaning the kitchen beforehand.

Libra personal hell

So, what does a personal hell look like for Libras? You’re stuck in a room where everything is not in order. Picture frames are a bit tilted. The person next to you is wearing a shirt with the buttons not lined up. And you have to talk to someone who has a little piece of food stuck in between their teeth.


October 24 - November 22

Scorpio is a water sign but they often behave like they’re part of the fire team – they’re passionate, strong, ambitious, and can get angry very quickly. They’re also very emotional and sometimes even sensitive. Being mean to them or disrespecting them or their time can easily put a Scorpio native in a fume.

Here’s what Scorpio’s personal hell looks like: you look forward to spending some quality time with your friend. You’ve done your hair, picked a dress – you’re 100% ready to have the best time of your life! And then you get a text from your friend: they’re telling you that they can’t come for some BS reason.


November 23 - December 21

Sags hate wasting their time. Being stuck somewhere without being able to read, watch a fun movie, chat with friends, or do something productive is the worst thing for them. They HATE not being able to be productive. Wasting their time on something that is not useful makes their blood boil.

So, their personal hell is being stuck in a really long traffic jam. It’s moving enough to keep your leg engaged on the brake. You can’t relax. Everyone keeps honking the horn like crazy. And to make everything worse, once you finally switch lanes, your original lane starts moving faster.


December 22 - January 19

Just like Sags, Capricorn natives hate wasting their time. If a Cap is stuck somewhere unable to be productive, they feel like they’re about to explode. If you want to make a Capricorn native really angry, you should randomly call them and keep talking about the most trivial things without getting down to business.

Capricorn personal hell

So, what does a personal hell look like for Capricorns? You’re standing in line for like thirty minutes and you’re nervous because the place is going to close soon. You’re waiting… and waiting… and waiting. Your feet hurt. And then the man in front of you gets to the front of the line and starts arguing with the cashier.


January 20 - February 19

Aquarian folks love spending some time alone listening to music or reading a book. When they’re listening to their favorite song in headphones, you better not bother them (and if you dare to bother them, be ready to face consequences). Aquarius natives value their rare lonely moments.

For Aquarians, their personal hell looks like this: you’re wearing headphones in public, your favorite song is playing, and people around you keep tapping you on your shoulders to attract your attention and ask some BS question. They call you sweetie, some of them are rude, and some even make a comment on how entitled you are.


February 20 - March 20

The negative personality traits of Pisceans include the fact that they like being alone with their thoughts. Daydreaming is their favorite pastime activity. Planning their future, imagining places far away, talking to yourself in your head – these things make any Piscean happy. If you want to make them angry, try bothering them when they’re daydreaming.

So, what does their personal hell look like? They’re watching their favorite movie, they’re getting to the best part… and then someone calls them and it takes them forever to get down to business. Or someone knocks at the door. Or the WiFi cuts out and when you reload the page, it takes forever to load up to the part where it cut out.

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