Your Dark Side

Everything in the universe has duality. Of course, this duality exists in the Zodiac as well – here we will talk about your sign’s dark side and how to deal with it. Choose your sign to explore the darkest parts of your mind and find out how to fight your own demons!

Published: Jul 25, 2022


Your dark side: anger. Aries natives get angry as soon as something doesn’t go their way. Sometimes, their anger makes them seem to be immature, impatient and may annoy others. Being ruled by Mars, Aries folks often get enraged over the most trivial thing – and many of them can’t do anything about it. 

So, is there any way to cope with your dark side? When we’re nervous or angry, we don’t see things as they are. To deal with it, try to use meditation to suppress your anger. The best-known technique is mindfulness meditation: take a good seat, pay attention to your own breath, and when your attention drifts away, make it return.

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Your dark side: greed. For some Taureans, life should be focused on all sorts of pleasures – food, romance, travels, and so on. They also may be quite selfish. The Dark Bull lets himself easily fall into all kinds of addiction and tastes everything in excess. Moderation and reframing are foreign concepts for some Taureans. 

So, is it impossible to fight off your dark side – greed? You need to understand that trying to get as rich as you can and plunging yourself into excesses don’t really make you happy. Being around people who love you and understand you is more important than the amount of money in your account. 

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The dark side among Gemini natives is the fear of commitment and inability to make a decision. Geminis are often chaotic and unpredictable. They’re also said to be opportunistic – and it’s not necessarily bad as they can adapt to any situation. But at the same time, their moral values know no bounds. 

To deal with your chaotic thoughts and indecisiveness, try to refocus and calm down when you feel distracted or overwhelmed. The best way to make your thoughts a bit less chaotic is regular meditation: close your eyes, focus your attention on your breath, and don’t let it wander. It may be difficult at first, but practice makes perfect! 

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Your dark side: hypersensitivity, lack of control, and bad faith. Those around you often have to deal with your anger and discontent. You also may be too vulnerable to even the mildest criticism. Some Cancerians always look like they’re about to shut themselves up in a toilet to loudly weep. 

So, is it possible to combat your negative side? Hypersensitive people tend to absorb the emotions of others and feel them like they’re their own. When there are so many things to feel at the same time, you end up exhausted. Ask yourself if this feeling is really yours or someone else’s. If it’s not yours, visualize yourself throwing it away. 


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Your dark side: pride. Leo natives are often selfish and do their best to always stay in the spotlight, and if they’re not in the center of attention, they may get angry and cause trouble. Some Leos won’t hesitate to manipulate others to get what they want. In short, they’re famous for their king-size ego. 

It doesn’t mean that to fight off your dark side, you need to stop loving yourself or even start to diminish yourself in front of others. Just try to listen to the thoughts of others a bit more attentively and analyze every situation before using your dissatisfaction or frustration as an argument. 


The dark side among Virgo natives is their extreme insecurity and intolerance. They may seem cold and detached. Some may say that Virgos are stingy, resentful, and very quick to judge others, failing to see the bigger picture. They’re also obsessed with details and order. They often hate noise and chaos. 

So, is it possible to cure this pathological insecurity? First, remember that beating yourself up for being insecure won’t do you any good. Drop the self-judgment and accept the fact that you’re insecure about something. A little self-love can go a long way, so be sure to encourage yourself when needed. 


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Indecisiveness is probably the darkest side of Libra. Their inability to make up their mind may be a real pain for everyone around them. Libras often miss opportunities because their nature doesn’t allow them to make a decision quickly enough. Make sure to learn to trust your own intuition – it won’t let you down!

Trusting your gut is no different from trusting your emotions – so start there. Your anxiety is a way your body tries to direct your attention to yourself so you can receive more accurate information. You also may be paralyzed with fear of failing; try to banish your perfectionist mindset. 


Your dark side is your inability to keep your emotions at bay. When someone hurts you, it’s almost impossible for you to forgive them and not to hold a grudge. If someone has to argue with a Scorp, they’d better beware, because a hurt Scorpio is the most dangerous creature in the world. 

So, how to stop your emotions from causing chaos and havoc? If you’re trying to deal with an unpleasant situation and find that it’s too difficult to get distracted, try using another coping strategy. For example, distract yourself with music, going for a walk, or drawing. A breathing exercise may also soothe your anger. 


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Sags are probably the most honest people of the Zodiac. What’s so bad about that, you may ask. The problem is, Sagittarians are so brutally honest, they often end up hurting others without knowing it. Or some do it knowingly – they just don’t care if someone may be hurt by their words.

So, is it possible to cope fight off your dark side? To do that, you need to pay more attention to the feelings of others. Try to imagine what they feel, get out of your usual environment – travel, especially to new countries and cultures. Read books that explore personal relationships and feelings. 


Capricorns are the doers of the Zodiac. They are ambitious and do everything possible to achieve their goals. The feelings of others often mean nothing to Caps. You can always rely on Capricorn natives to get things done but they will do it without really caring about anyone’s feelings getting hurt. 

To combat your dark side, understand that sacrificing someone else for the sake of achieving your goal is not always the best thing to do. You’re an egoist by nature, and fighting your own nature is not so easy. But you can at least try to be more empathetic – examine your biases, talk more about other people’s issues, etc. 


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Your dark side is self-centeredness. You’re eccentric and think you’re more intelligent than the rest of mortals. You’re usually very fast to judge others because, to you, they’re not smart or ambitious enough to be your equal. You often live in your own head and seem to be detached from others and their feelings. 

To fix your self-centeredness, you need to admit the problem exists first. No one likes to be told that they’re not caring enough. Work on your behavior by learning to listen to what others have to say without interrupting them or starting to talk about yourself. Stop waiting for compliments and give without expecting reciprocity. 

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The dark side of Pisces is laziness. They excel at avoiding their responsibilities – Piscean folks have much more interesting things to do, such as dreaming, re-watching their favorite TV show for the third time, sleeping, or just being comfy with a hot cup of cocoa. They devote themselves to the most important things – coziness and tranquility. 

So, is it possible to fight off laziness? First, make your goals manageable. Taking on too much may lead to burnout. Don’t expect yourself to be perfect in everything you do – no one is perfect, not even Pisceans! And one more thing: avoid negative self-talk, because it may derail your efforts to get things done. 

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