Zodiac Phobias

What makes Zodiac signs wake up in cold sweat in the middle of the night? What keeps them restless during the daytime? For some, it’s rejection, change, boredom, or huge spiders. What is it for YOU? Choose your sign to explore your biggest fears!

Published: Oct 26, 2020


Aries natives are the dare-devils of the zodiac. However, there is a chink in their armor – bold Rams fear being inconspicuous. They were born with a desire to leave an imprint, to set big goals and triumphantly achieve them. To feel worthy, Aries needs to stand out from the crowd and let everyone know what they can do.

Another thing (almost) every Aries native is afraid of is spiders. And all sorts of insects. Whenever you see one of those little fellers, you can barely refrain from screaming, setting the house on fire, and running away as fast as you can. Insects are really the WORST for you, Aries native! 


The thing that makes Taureans jerk awake at night is the fear of change. Lack of stability distresses their sensitive personality and tilts the balance of the cozy world they have been organizing for their whole life. Structure helps Taurus feel secure. Should their routine shift, they will have a hard time getting used to it. 

It may sound silly, but many Taureans are afraid of the dark. Yes, grownups shouldn’t be scared of it… but you just can’t help it. Not knowing what is there in the darkness, lurking, waiting… Oof. Even if you’re at home, you may get that terrible feeling of discomfort while peering inside the darkness. 


young boy dressed as a clown

Gemini natives are not scared of ghosts or vampires – they will surely find a topic to discuss with them. What they are really afraid of is a lack of freedom. Being forced into a framework of restrictions makes their knees shake, as does the possibility of being trapped in a routine. Independence is very dear to Gemini. 

Even though you’re brave and no ghosts can scare you, some Gemini natives are scared of… clowns. “Coulrophobia” or “a fear of someone who walks on stilts,” is the word for the irrational fear of clowns. Irrational is not the right word here, though – clowns are legit terrifying, so your fear is understandable, Gemini!


Cancer loves to nurture and care, but they also need to be accepted and appreciated to feel at ease. The idea of being rejected sends shivers down their spine. Their sensitive personality simply can’t take being disliked. When it comes to criticism, Cancers are also extremely vulnerable. 

Another thing you’re afraid of is blood. You just can’t stand the sight of it. Yes, most people don’t feel too happy when they see blood but hemophobic people may faint or become sick because of it. Even Halloween decorations that feature fake blood may spook you in earnest or at least annoy you. 


girl dressed as a witch

Leo natives are as ambitious as Arians, but the mark they want to make in history is that of being an outstanding personality. Leos love being in the spotlight; the thing that gives them goosebumps is the possibility of this light being turned away. However, Leos aren’t vain – their worst fear is being ignored by the people they love. 

Leos are so charming, one may think they use some sort of magic… Even though you’re the wizard of the Zodiac, Leo folks are often afraid of evil sorcerers or witches. Halloween decorations, treats, or costumes that feature witches may send chills down your spine – maybe, you’re scared of competition? 


Virgos have high standards and do their best to live up to them. Their biggest fear is to fail to meet their own expectations, to be less than perfect, to hold the bar lower than they have previously set it. Whenever they feel they are no longer impeccable, Virgos would stress out.

Even though Virgos are serious folks who aren’t afraid of any difficulties, they sometimes find themselves being scared of ghosts. Movies about them can legit terrify you. The mere thought of encountering one may fill your heart with terror. And being alone, especially at night, often triggers this phobia. 


child under a blanket scared of thunder

Libra natives are always balanced; their decisions are wise and well thought-over. This is why the thing that horrifies them is the possibility of a mistake. No turn they take can be wrong; otherwise, they will wear themselves down questioning every decision made in the future. The thing is, Libra is too hard-working and concentrated to allow for a mistake. 

Another thing Libra natives may be afraid of is thunder. You’re brave and strong and won’t hesitate to fight for yourself, but the sound of thunder may give you a serious fright – probably because your sign’s essence is all about balance, peace, and harmony, while thunder is a chaotic, disturbing thing. 


Scorpios are extremely loyal. As loyalty should be returned by loyalty, the thing that gives Scorpio the creeps is being betrayed by the ones they trusted, mostly because they are not too eager to open up to people. Whenever their trust is betrayed, it will take years to restore the order of things in a relationship.

There’s another thing that scares Scorpio natives – and this thing is masks. As the most mysterious sign of the Zodiac, you may feel threatened when someone else tries to hide their face and their thoughts from you. Masks distort people’s appearance, invoking that weird uncanny valley-ish feeling. 


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The thing that scares the Archer more than the Boogeyman is the possibility of losing independence. Freedom is essential to Sag’s view of the world. Without unhindered movement or decision making, life is literally not worth living. Fixed lifestyles are not for Sagittarius natives. 

Another thing that gives some Sagittarians serious creeps is… planes. Also known as aerophobia, this fear gives you the sense of panic when you fly or anticipate flying. You enjoy traveling, but the crowded space, turbulence, and the sensations of taking off just never fail to make you feel uneasy. 


Capricorn enjoys success and achievement. They are used to setting precise goals; even the things they dream about have the form of measurable results accompanied by a step-by-step plan of how to drive them. Thus, the scariest thing for Capricorn is failure. The goals the Goat fails to attain hang heavy upon them.  

Another fear that most Capricorns have is the fear of heights. You often experience extreme, irrational, and persistent fears of heights and situations associated with them. Some Caps may dread the thought of standing on a ladder or even attending a meeting on a high floor of a building. 


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The Water Bearer is one of the most unusual and spectacular zodiac signs, an exception from all the rules. It is very important for them to manifest their peculiar nature. This is probably why the biggest fear of Aquarius is to lose their inborn uniqueness, to blend into the crowd. The independent sign rejects conformity.

Aquarius is one of the bravest signs of the Zodiac, and scaring them is not easy. But there’s one thing that can give them real creeps – zombies. Aquarians know that this irrational fear is silly, they know that zombies don’t exist but they just can’t help it. Needless to say, most Aquarians HATE zombie-centered movies. 


Despite the seeming detachment, Pisces is an affectionate sign with a big heart. Thus, their biggest fear is being rejected. They have so much love to share, and if they feel they will fail to find someone they can share it with and be loved in return, it gives them the shudders.

Paradoxically, Pisceans are also often scared of water. Any source of water may cause an excessive amount of anxiety – this includes a swimming pool, a lake, or an ocean. Instead of bringing tranquility and peace, looking into a very deep lake often causes uneasiness, vertigo, and sometimes even panic among Pisceans.

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