Their True Thoughts

The most important thing is what YOU think about yourself but like many others, you are probably curious about what others think about you. Based on your sign, you can be seen as kind, warm, supportive – or cold, aggressive, and distant. Read on to find out how people ACTUALLY see you, according to astrology!

Published: May 05, 2021

How do people REALLY see your zodiac sign? 


March 21 - April 19

Aries natives are known for their alluring and upbeat personality that never fails to charm others. You are so much fun to be around – you often bring some entertaining chaos into the lives of your loved ones. When you face an obstacle, you overcome it with ease: your bravery helps you with that.

Some people admire you for your brutal honesty, some people think that you’re just rude. Many people don’t like your tendency to be bossy: admit it, you just love telling others what to do. You also have a reputation of being sharp-tongued and many people are totally not fans of this quality of yours.

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True thoughts of Aries


April 20 - May 20

Taurean, you are admired for your ability to make others feel calmer. You bring serenity and comfort into their lives, and many don’t realize that you’re extremely sensitive and easy to hurt. You often worry about various things. Your opinion about arts, music, cinema, and especially cooking is valued by many people.

Some people are often irritated by your stubbornness. Your tendency to be a dogmatic tradition-keeper is considered to be your flaw by some people around you. Even if you’re right, others often don’t understand why you’re so unyielding. Sometimes, you’re a bit too harsh when you try to prove a point.


May 21 - June 20

You’re a joy to be around, Gemini native, and people just love to spend time with you. You’re extremely interesting to talk to and your sense of humor is simply amazing. People admire you for your talent for words. Your close friends always trust your advice about personal matters. They know you’re very helpful.

But your loved ones know that you can sometimes be moody, discouraged, distant, and even depressed. You can be sarcastic and sharp-tongued if you don’t agree with the person you’re talking to. This sometimes makes some people believe that you’re arrogant and cold – but your close friends know that it’s not true!


June 21 - July 22

Everyone who knows you think you are a very caring and nurturing person. You do everything possible to make people comfortable. Making someone smile is extremely important to you. You tend to spend a lot of energy to fix other people’s problems. When everyone’s happy, you’re happy as well!

But some people think that you’re often too controlling – and they don’t really want to be ordered around. Some also think that you tend to be moody and discouraged. One moment you care about people and do everything to make them happy, and the next you’re aggressive, sarcastic, and to be avoided at all costs.

True thoughts of Cancer


July 23 - August 22

You love being in the spotlight – and this regal quality of yours never fails to impress people. The amazing combination of your style, the way you speak, and your contagious laugh never fails to draw people to you. You think big, love adventures, and have an amazing sense of humor. It’s fantastic to be around you.

But some people may dislike you for some of the reasons listed above: they may feel discouraged because of your ability to always be in the spotlight, draw attention to yourself, and also by your enormous ego. They think that sometimes you just a bit too amazing, royal, loud, and energetic.


August 23 - September 22

People think that you never fail to achieve your goals. You’re a real go-getter. You can be trusted to handle any job and analyze literally any problem in a logical way. People often come to you for a piece of advice when they feel confused about their own emotions and relationships. You’re extremely helpful!

Because you’re truthful and honest, people trust your judgment on movies, books, music, and so on, but sometimes you’re just a bit too truthful. Some people may even perceive you as haughty, distant, and cold. Some may end up offended by the harsh truths you often say. Be careful and diplomatic!


September 23 - October 23

You make everyone around you feel important and valued because you seem to understand their true thoughts and motifs. You’re considered to be warm and caring by many people and they love spending time with you. You know how to draw people out and make them happy. You make people calmer and more outgoing.

But other people’s approval is extremely important to you, so you tend to go with what others want. Sometimes it makes you look a bit wimpy. At the same time, you may also appear vain: some people find it irritating that you spend too much time thinking and caring about your own appearance.

True thoughts of Libra


October 24 - November 22

It’s not surprising that people find you mysterious – and they just love this quality of yours. They’re interested in finding out what you really think. You’re often the leader and the guru: your piercing insights into the future and other people’s motivations may be even scary – they’re this accurate!

But you’re often seen as just a bit too controlling and too ambitious. Your tendency to tell everyone what to do may be irritating to people around you. Some may even think that you’re power-hungry. Many people may be scared off by your tendency to order people around and organize everything.


November 23 - December 21

Many people are just in love with your sense of humor and colorful presence. No matter what happens – to you or anyone else – your creative solutions and explanations are ready. You’re always the first to support and help others with their issues. Your friends and co-workers value you for these qualities of yours.

But some people may be discouraged by your tendencies to be brutally honest, somewhat unpredictable, and a bit too independent. Some others also think that you may be cold and detached emotionally, even though you’re very helpful and supportive. You just don’t feel outgoing and warm enough for some people.


December 22 - January 19

People view you as someone they can rely on: you are seen as an irresistible force. They trust you to be their leader because you’re decisive and famous for your realism. When they need someone with a cold head in case of a crisis, they immediately think about you. Your will power is astonishing.

Unloading their own problems on you may feel too tempting for some people. Others dislike you because they find you somewhat stubborn; they also may be scared of how emotionally strong you are. Everyone thinks that it’s impossible to distract you from your goals – so you may be too serious for some people.

True thoughts of Capricorn


January 20 - February 19

Having lots of friends is extremely important to you because you have a lot of love and warmth to give. You do everything possible to make the world a better place and make everyone happy and comfortable. People view you as a caring, kind-hearted, humorous, and supporting individual.

But some people may also notice that you are actually very shy and insecure. You tend to care too much about what other people think about you. You want to share yourself with others but afraid of becoming what others think you should be. At the same time, you think that you’re special and different.


February 20 - March 20

Everyone thinks that you’re their best friend and they deserve your special attention. You’re famous for your buoyant social presence: you’re a joy to be around. You’re witty, vivacious, and adventurous. You’re always interested in exploring something new. Your psychic sensibility is impressive.

But some people also think that you are often a bit too dreamy and weak. They think that you feel too much and find it difficult to trust you. Others also find you moody and may often be irritated by your tendency to take everything seriously. You’re easily hurt and care too much what other people think about you.

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