Full Moons of the Year: Names, Meanings, Energies

Learn about the history of tracking the seasons with the moon cycles and how you can implement these energies into your life!

By Ani

Published: Oct 10, 2022

In ancient times, people tracked the months by the movement of the moons. Indigenous peoples of America, as well as European tribes, created names for each full moon of the year. The names helped them track and celebrate the features of that season. Today, we still refer to each full moon by some of the names they used.

Wolf Moon – January

The wolf moon is named for the wolves that howl in the dead of winter.

The Wolf Moon is named for the wolves that would howl outside of villages in the dead of winter. Many traditions take this as a time of prayer, self-reflection, and rest. In the modern era, we’re no longer forced to remain indoors due to the cold weather. However, The Wolf Moon still brings the opportunity to embrace solitude and alone time. Focus and reflect on what you wish to accomplish in the coming year and how you wish to achieve those goals.

Snow Moon – February

During the snow moon, continue to rest and reflect.

With the Snow Moon comes the last heavy snow before spring. This is also the final Full Moon of winter, bringing with it renewed hope and optimism that the end of the hard cold season is near. Slowly the days grow longer, and the weather begins to warm. Energetically, it’s still not the time to make big changes or plant seeds for your future. Take a bit more time to listen to your intuition about what would be best for you to focus on. Tap into the energies of hope, creativity, and growth as you gear up for spring.

Worm Moon – March

The softening ground during the worm moon signals spring is on its way.

As temperatures continue to rise and the soil defrosts, earthworms appear from the ground, giving this Full Moon its name. The ground growing softer was a sign that it was nearly time to plant the crop for the spring season. During the Worm Moon, shake off the cold and start preparing for the shift into spring. It’s time to welcome the new energy of the season by cleaning your home and finally letting go of the old stagnant energy from winter.

Pink Moon – April

The pink moon symbolizes rejuvenation for your body and spirit.

This Moon isn’t named after literally being pink in April, but for the blooming wildflowers native to Eastern North America that sprout with a beautiful pink hue. This was a time to begin preparing the soil for planting. During the Pink Moon, you can focus on solidifying and implementing the plans you made all winter. This is also a time for rejuvenation for your body, spirit, and goals.

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Flower Moon – May

The blooming flowers in spring inspired the name for the Flower moon.

During the Flower Moon, all of the plants are in bloom, baby animals are being born, and spring is in full swing! It brings themes of abundance, romance, and fertility as we fall in love and bring our creative ideas to life. To take advantage of this energy, focus on personal growth and moving beyond the “thinking phase” by allowing your desires to manifest in the real world. This is a perfect time to implement new and exciting changes into your life. Just as the flowers bloom, so should your new plans and ideas. But what changes should you implement? Find out with this reading. 

Strawberry Moon – June

The strawberry moon helps you feel optimistic and joyful while you have fun during the spring.

Named for the short strawberry harvesting season, this is the last full moon of spring or the first full moon of summer, depending on the date. Strawberries represent good luck, making this an auspicious moon. Once again, this is a time to step into embracing change as we move away from the newness of spring and hit the full stride of summer. During the Strawberry Moon, prioritize focusing on being optimistic about the future and finding pockets of happiness and joy.

Buck Moon – July

The Buck moon is all about finding strength and going after what you want.

During this time of the year, young male deer begin to grow their antlers as a way to display their strength, protect themselves, and attract females. As the male deer reach adulthood, they’re called bucks. This moon is all about removing any obstacles in your way and going after what you desire. It’s easy to get distracted by the excitement of summer. And while a little fun never hurt anybody, remember to balance enjoyment with focusing on your goals.

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Sturgeon Moon – August

The Sturgeon moon falls during the longest days of the year, signifying that summer is slowly winding down.

The Sturgeon is a prehistoric fish that used to be caught in abundance during August, thus this full moon is named after it. Unfortunately, the sturgeon population began to decline though it’s slowly on the mend. The month of the Sturgeon Moon brings the longest days of the year, so people took this as an opportunity to farm and prepare for autumn. This full moon is about perseverance, flexibility, and preparing to get work done.

Harvest Moon – September or October

The harvest moon can fall in either September or October, so it's important to check the date every year.

The harvest Moon is special because it can fall during either September or October because traditionally, it’s always the full moon closest to the Autumn Equinox. Additionally, the bright Harvest Moon allowed farmers to harvest their crops late into the night, giving them even more time to prepare for winter. The Harvest Moon is a time to celebrate abundance for all you have. Check which month the Harvest Moon falls in each year.

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Corn Moon – September

The corn moon signifies it's time for harvest and preparation for the winter.

Since the full moon in September is not always the Harvest Moon, there is an alternative.  Named after the abundance of the crop, the Corn Moon was a time when Indigenous peoples and eventually farmers would harvest corn in North America. As autumn approaches, it’s a time to begin focusing within and preparing the home. Cleaning and clearing energy are fantastic things to do as you prepare to spend more time indoors. Furthermore, focusing on gratitude for all you have in your life is a must during this time.

Hunter's Moon – October

The hunter moon is a time to honor our ancestors and traditions.

By October, the bucks that began to sprout antlers in July are adults and would be hunted in order to begin stocking up for the winter. This is also a time when animals were fattened up. The days are shorter, and the nights grow colder. Many traditions believe this is a time when the veil between our world and the realm of the spirits has thinned. During Hunter’s Moon, honor traditions and ancestors who came before us.

Beaver Moon – November

The beaver moon comes at the end of autumn as we prepare for winter.

Beavers have started building their homes for the winter after stocking up on a supply of food. The same can be said for the people who used to live off the land. The last of the harvesting was completed, and people began to hunker down for the long cold winter. The Beaver Moon is a time to tap into your strength and perseverance. Additionally, as your energy begins to fall due to nature slowing down around you, take time to honor that slowness and find time to rest.

Cold Moon – December

Winter is in full swing during the cold moon. This is a perfect time to reflect and set goals for the new year.

The final full moon of the calendar year is the Cold Moon. It’s officially winter, the days are short, and the nights are long and freezing. As the year comes to a close, it’s a good time to reflect on the previous months and all you’ve accomplished. This moon also happens around the time of the Winter Solstice, which provides the opportunity to rest, recharge, and gather with family.

Blue Moon – Any month except February

A blue moon happens when there are two full moons in one month, a rare but beautiful occurrence.

A blue moon occurs when there are two full moons in one month. Generally, they only have energetic significance when they occur twice in an astrological sun cycle. For example, two full moons when the sun is in Leo. An astrological blue moon amplifies the energy of the sign that it’s in, causing you to take on deeper characteristics of that sign.

Each Full Moon can connect us with the same energies and themes that our ancestors celebrated in times past. Working with the potent energy of each lunar cycle alongside the monthly astrological transits can be a powerful tool in amplifying your goals and manifestations. 

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