How To Find Your Soulmate, According To A Tarot Reader

Looking for love? Our tarot guide to finding your soulmate is like a cosmic GPS for the heart. Let's see what the cards have in store. Your soulmate might be just a card away!

Published: Jan 23, 2024


Hey Aries, in the soulmate game, think less race, more adventure. You're a live wire, a total charmer. Use that when you're out doing your thing, be it rock climbing or rocking out at a concert. That's where you'll bump into someone who gets your vibe.

Don't stress about dating non-stop. It's about clicking with someone, not just filling your calendar. Deep talks over coffee can be as cool as your usual adrenaline rush.

And remember, love's not a sprint. It might sneak up on you when you least expect it. Stay open, stay real, and keep rocking. Your perfect match is out there, probably trying to keep up with someone just like you.

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How To Find Your Soulmate, According To A Tarot Reader

You’re like the King of Pentacles in tarot: down-to-earth and all about the real deal. You’re not chasing fireworks; you’re after something solid and real.

Here's the game plan: stick to what you love. Enjoying your favorite food, hanging out in nature, or diving into your art? That’s where you might find someone vibing on your level. Think less speed dating, more slow cooking.

When you're out there, keep it chill. A cozy dinner or a laid-back picnic? Perfect for you. You’re not about the drama; you’re about the connection. And let things unfold naturally. You’re not one to rush, and that’s okay. Good things take time.


Gemini, in your soulmate search, you’re like the tarot’s Lovers card – curious, communicative, and a bit of a social butterfly. Your soulmate journey is all about connection and conversation.

Embrace your social side. You're at your best mingling at parties, attending workshops, or just striking up a chat at a coffee shop. Your soulmate might just be on the other end of an engaging conversation.

Variety is your spice of life, so keep your dates dynamic. Try new activities together – it could be a quirky art class, a spontaneous road trip, or exploring a new part of town. This keeps things fresh and gives you a chance to bond over shared experiences.

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How To Find Your Soulmate, According To A Tarot Reader

Cancer, in your quest for a soulmate, you're guided by deep emotions and intuition, much like the Moon card in tarot. Your journey is about finding someone who truly understands your inner world.

Don't rush. You value emotional connection over everything, so take your time to get to know someone. Deep conversations over a home-cooked meal or a walk by the beach can be perfect for this.

Your ideal partner is someone who appreciates your nurturing nature and reciprocates your level of care and commitment. Look for connections where you feel at ease to express your feelings and where your empathy is valued.

Remember, your home is your sanctuary. Inviting someone into that space can be a big step, so trust your instincts about when it feels right.


Leo, in your soulmate hunt, think of yourself as the Sun card in tarot: bright, confident, and full of warmth. Your journey is about finding someone who appreciates your natural radiance.

You shine in the spotlight, so embrace it. Whether it's at a party, on stage, or leading a group, that's where you might catch the eye of someone who's drawn to your energy.

But remember, it's not all about the grand gestures. Look for someone who sees and loves your off-stage self, too. Those quiet, genuine moments are just as important as the showy ones.

While you love the admiration, seek a partner who offers more than just applause. Someone who challenges you, grows with you, and isn't just a fan, but a co-star in your life.

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How To Find Your Soulmate, According To A Tarot Reader

Virgo, in your search for a soulmate, you’re like the Hermit card in tarot: thoughtful, detail-oriented, and a bit of a perfectionist. Your journey is about finding someone who values your depth and sincerity.

Embrace your analytical side. You're great at noticing the little things, so use that when you're getting to know someone. It's in the details where you'll find real connections.

But don’t get too caught up in finding 'perfect'. Focus on finding someone who appreciates your caring nature and your need for order. Shared values and mutual respect are key.

Your ideal date? Think low-key and meaningful. A quiet coffee shop, a stroll in a serene park, or a visit to a museum can be perfect settings for meaningful conversations.


Libra, your soulmate search is guided by balance and harmony, much like the Justice card in tarot. You’re all about fairness, charm, and connection.

Use your social skills. You're great at striking a balance in conversations and making everyone feel at ease. So, whether you're at a social gathering or a casual meetup, your charm could draw in someone special.

But it's not just about charm. Look for someone who values balance as much as you do. Shared interests in art, music, or social causes can be a great starting point for deeper connections.

While you're great at seeing both sides, make sure to find someone who appreciates your need for harmony but also challenges you to grow.

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How To Find Your Soulmate, According To A Tarot Reader

Scorpio, in your quest for a soulmate, you're like the mysterious and intense Death card in tarot, symbolizing transformation and depth. Your journey is about finding someone who embraces both your strength and your complexity.

Firstly, embrace your intensity. You're known for your passion and depth, so let that shine. In deep conversations or shared experiences that go beyond the surface, that's where you'll truly connect.

Your ideal partner is someone who respects your privacy but also encourages you to share and be vulnerable.

Your perfect date might involve something a bit adventurous or unconventional, something that stirs deep emotions and thoughts.


Sagittarius, in your soulmate adventure, you're the embodiment of the tarot's Temperance card – a symbol of adventure, freedom, and philosophical exploration. Your path is about finding someone as open-minded and spirited as you are.

Keep embracing your adventurous spirit. Your soulmate is likely to share your love for travel, exploration, and learning. So whether it's a hiking trip, a foreign language class, or a philosophy lecture, dive in – your soulmate might be right there beside you.

Remember, though, it's not just about shared adventures. Look for someone who also appreciates deep conversations and can keep up with your quest for knowledge and growth.


How To Find Your Soulmate, According To A Tarot Reader

Capricorn, in your quest for a soulmate, you're akin to the tarot's Devil card – not in a sinister way, but in your appreciation for ambition, practicality, and structure.

Leverage your natural inclination towards ambition. You're likely to meet your match in environments where your determination shines – be it a professional networking event, a workshop, or a community project.

A good partner for you is someone who can appreciate a quiet evening just as much as a goal-oriented discussion.

Also, don't forget to open up. While you're great at keeping things together, a true connection happens when you're willing to show your more vulnerable side.


Aquarius, you're like the Star card in tarot – visionary, independent, and a little unconventional. Your path is about finding someone who appreciates your unique perspective and shares your humanitarian spirit.

First, embrace your individuality. Your soulmate will be attracted to your authenticity and originality. Be it at an art exhibition, a tech conference, or a volunteer event, your unique energy is where you'll likely connect with someone special.

Remember, communication is key for you. You thrive on intellectual stimulation, so look for someone who's not just a partner, but also a fellow thinker, someone who enjoys deep discussions and exploring new ideas.


How To Find Your Soulmate, According To A Tarot Reader

Pisces, in your soulmate quest, you resonate with the Moon card in tarot – dreamy, intuitive, and deeply emotional. Your journey is about finding someone who values your depth and imagination.

Firstly, trust your intuition. You have a strong sense of emotional connection, so follow those feelings. Whether at an art gallery, a music concert, or just a quiet café, your intuition can guide you to someone special.

Embrace your creative and empathetic nature. These qualities are your strengths, and they'll attract someone who appreciates your dreamy and compassionate side.

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