Rune Stone Reading for July

Will July bring a lot of unique opportunities in career and love? Or should you be ready for drama and fear? Read on to get your rune stone reading for July!

Published: Jun 17, 2021

Your runes this month are Tiwaz and Inguz

Tiwaz (Direct Rune): The Spirit Warrior

Rune Stone Reading for July: Tiwaz

This rune is all about defeating chaos. The Great Warrior once put his hand into the mouth of a hideous wolf – he sacrifices his hand willingly to defeat chaos and dark energies.

Call up all your strength because this rune demands it. Get ready to sacrifice something really important. Don’t expect to get any profit any time soon: the rune is saying that everything has its price.

Tiwaz is all about honesty and faith. It is associated with the Spirit Warrior who is always true to his principles. This rune is the symbol of true grit.

Your job & career, according to runes

Rune Stone Reading for July: Tiwaz and career

Tiwaz is the rune of victory and it indicates a very important (and active) period in your life. Expect a lot of battles, adventures, emotional stress, and crucial changes. Your task now is to shape your character and be brave no matter what happens. It also foretells confidence and persistence.

The rune asks you to think about the foundation of your life. If you’re asking a question about your career, business, or partnerships, the rune says that you need to be patient. Don’t rush things but let your goal drive you. Remember that luck is on your side this month.

Inguz (Reversed Rune): The beginning and the end

Rune Stone Reading for July: Inguz

This rune is associated with fertility. It is the beginning and the end: the seed marks the end of the previous cycle and the beginning of the new one. The rune predicts an event that completes a life stage and begins the next one: it may speak about weddings, graduations, and so on. Inguz events are special because a feeling of joy always accompanies them.

The rune speaks about moving forward; even though obstacles are inevitable, your joy overshadows them. The energies of this rune make it easy for you to accomplish something that seems impossible to achieve. However, try not to underestimate obstacles and difficulties.

Your love, health, and kids, according to runes

Inguz points to positive events (even in the neighborhood with unfavorable runes) and indicates that it’s time to flourish – you can achieve everything you want to achieve in every sphere of your life (including health and love). The rune promises strength and good health. Your new life starts now. You will soon be liberated from old burdens and worries.

When it comes to your love life, you may soon fall in love with someone special (this may be someone from another country). However, the rune asks you to be cautious before embarking on a new relationship. It’s important to know this person well, observe them and share your experiences and opinions with them.

Rune Stone Reading for July: Inguz and love

If you’re already taken, you’re about to achieve every relationship goal and overcome every obstacle that is hurting your union. You have everything you need to complete your old life (or an old stage) and begin a new circle of life. Focus on something you want to finish – now is the best time! Release tension and insecurity; stop thinking about your past.

If a complex issue has taken up your time, its solution is close. Ignoring the problem for a while might help – when you come back to the problem with fresh insight, the solution will become obvious. The rune may also mean that it’s time to take a vacation: your body and mind need it. Dedicate some time to relaxation (meditate, do yoga, or exercise outdoors).

The rune governs fertility, stored energy, growth, male generative force, and passive meditation. It may predict the appearance of a child.

This is a good period for you and your partner, so make sure to make the most of it. Focus on what you want to achieve. If you feel tension, know that this will pass soon.

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