Invisible Karmic Thread Of Two People Who Are Meant To Be Together

Learn what a karmic relationship is and how you can enter and leave one without hurting yourself.

Published: Sep 08, 2023

Some romantic unions you form can feel special. There is an unparalleled connection like you are destined to be together. However, something can be a bit off, and you can’t put your finger on it. A partnership that is based upon a mixture of love and hate could be a karmic bond. But what is a karmic bond exactly? In which way is it different from finding your soulmate? Are you supposed to break it at any point? Let’s sort out the karmic bond definition together.

Karmic Bond

Before we dive deeper into the nature of the phenomenon and ways of dealing with it, let’s work out the basic definitions. The karmic bond meaning is different from that of connecting to your soulmate. It is a partnership that was meant to be but isn’t supposed to last. You have to experience it in order to grow and learn vital lessons concerning love. Spiritually, it is the promise your souls made to each other in the past life and are now acting upon. You decided to help each other in this lifetime, but some unresolved issues from your past existence may still linger, causing conflicts and tension. This is why your relationship can be less than satisfying—but in no respect underwhelming.

Not every uncomfortable connection has a karmic value. To make sure your challenging union will also be meaningful in the long run, look through the karmic bond signs listed below and see if you can spot any in your interactions with your significant other.

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Signs You're in a Karmic Relationship

Karmic Relationships
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There are numerous indicators that can help you stop asking, “What is a karmic relationship?” or “Is our relationship brought to us by karma?” It all starts with the immediacy of connection. You might feel as if you’ve known this person since the earliest days of your life. However, it is impossible to feel completely at ease in their presence because there is some fear in the mix. After a short while, a karmic relationship will reveal even more red flags. Frustration and misunderstanding will bring about lots of drama and ineffective or even toxic behavior patterns that you’ll have to learn to overcome or deal with.

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You Feel Addicted

One of the scariest things about such a union is that karmic partners feel addicted to it, no matter how stressful or exhausting it is. The connection consumes your whole being; it is so overwhelming that you truly believe it’s your destiny, even though it obviously feels unpleasant and heavy.

You might think, “I'm addicted to the way I feel when I think of you,” and mistake this idea for love. But when you get together with your significant other, miscommunication abounds. The connection is inconsistent: you have perfect days, and then things turn pear-shaped for no obvious reason. And this dynamic often repeats itself. You argue over the same issues, and there seems to be no way to break the vicious circle.


Another sign of a karmic bond is being codependent. The codependency definition can be worded accordingly: it is a destructive relationship with distorted personal boundaries. A codependent partner strives to attach themselves to their significant other, to become their essential part.

A codependent relationship deprives one of their personality. A person abandons their hobbies, anything they like, want, or even need—just to make their partner happy and maintain the unhealthy karmic bond. 

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When Karmic Relationships Turn Toxic

Karmic Relationships
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As we mentioned above, relationships brought about by karma are not supposed to last forever. It is a trial that you have to endure for some time and then complete. Sometimes, it is possible to stay in this challenging dynamic for quite a while without feeling uncomfortable. But at a certain point, karmic bonds run their course and tend to become toxic. But how can you realize that you have already learned every lesson and it’s time to move on?

If your life together has been feeling like a never-ending tailspin with no sign of improvement, if you’ve been unable to take a deep breath in your relationship, you may need to escape it.

There is no one-size-fits-all escape plan, though. Karmic relationships are all different, so an individual approach might be required. However. You can start with some simple, manageable steps:

  1. Ask yourself: Why is this union bad for me? What are my expectations of our perspectives? Why is it still valuable, and what would I like to change? What efforts am I ready to make to keep it going or to leave?
  2. Focus on your desires, not your partner’s. Spend time with friends and family, find a new hobby, go on a trip, take a course.
  3. Find a therapist who can help you deal with your fear of staying alone.
  4. Read self-help books.

You should be aware that ending a karmic relationship can take a lot of time and effort. It may require therapy or joining a support group. Don’t rush the process, otherwise, you risk falling for another round of karmic relationship—with another karmic partner.

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