Rune Stone Reading for October

What will happen this October? Can you expect positive changes? Will negative influences finally go away?! Read your rune stone reading to peer into your future and find out how your life will change this October!

Published: Sep 14, 2021

Your runes this month are Isaz and Dagaz.

Isaz (direct rune): Force

Rune Reading for October: Isaz

In Old Norse, iss means ice. Scandinavian ice is the power that can smash ships and destroy you – it is a force that can’t be defeated. Isaz is tangible and extremely powerful. However, you should remember that its force is not about acute mind or emotional depth – it’s about the might of the material world.

Isaz is also a rune of forced halt. Seeing it in your reading means that something stops you from moving forward. Your progress will slow down significantly, as everything that surrounds you will refuse to let you proceed.

Stopping you is not the only power of Isaz, though. The rune is devoid of haste, but it can build solid foundations, and no other rune can do it as well as Isaz!

The rune gives shape to your ideas. It does everything possible to help your chaotic thoughts assemble into something vital and meaningful. Other runes are quicker, but the power of Isaz is greater than you can imagine.

What runes say about your job & career

Rune Reading for October: Isaz and career

Because Isaz is a very powerful rune, you cannot reject its force. It brings stagnation and obstacles. If you want to know what you do next, Isaz tells you to wait. Be patient. It may be hard, but it’s extremely important to step away from what you’re doing now.

Unfortunately, success is impossible right now – you won’t be able to achieve your career goals this October. Be soft. It may seem that you’re not moving anywhere or wasting time, but you’re actually building foundations for your future. Your slow growth is hidden from your eyes, so use this period to polish and develop your skills.

You’re stronger than you think right now, but you need to stop expecting too much. Allow your career to develop slowly. Make a stop before setting your career in motion and changing it for the better. There are obstacles in your way, your dreams go nowhere, so you may find this period challenging and boring at the same time. Don’t give up, though – a real renaissance may come relatively soon.

The rune’s advice for you is to keep calm and wait!

Dagaz (direct rune): Breakthrough

Rune Reading for October: Dagaz

This is one of the most positive runes to get in your reading: it solves problems, brings joy, and makes negative energies go away. Dagaz looks like a butterfly – its narrowest part is its center. To solve your problem, you have to balance on this thin, thin line. Everything will become better soon, but you will have to work a bit before you enjoy the fruits of your labor. Seeing this rune in your runic reading means that you will soon face great changes and find a solution to your problem, even if it seems impossible now.

What runes say about your health and love life

Rune Stone Reading for October: Dagaz and health

Dagaz means breakthrough, light, luck, and prosperity. It also talks about change, so you should expect some kind of transformation when it comes to your romantic relationship. Believe in your strength no matter what happens – as a couple, you can achieve a lot.

Dagaz says that you may start looking at your life from a completely new perspective. It predicts a period of happiness, harmony, and mutual understanding. Don’t be afraid of what’s going on now because soon changes will bring positive results and favorable energies into your life.

If you have health issues, the rune says that it’s important to stick to positive thinking. Don’t let negative thoughts harm you. Some problems may SEEM bigger than they actually are – soon you will realize it!

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