Compliments by Sign

People tend to react to compliments in different ways: some of them feel ill at ease and are confused by warm words; others are pleased to accept them and start shining with happiness when they hear they're smart or irresistible. How will your partner respond to your compliment? Choose the sign to find it out!

Published: Apr 26, 2021


Aries reps’ appetite for compliments is truly insatiable. Once you start paying compliment to the people born under this sign you should never stop. They’ll hardly turn away a good compliment and will always be pleased to hear they’re clever, sporty, kind, and understanding. If you tell them they’re brave and daring they’ll be absolutely happy.

When paying compliments to Aries natives try to concentrate on the qualities mentioned above. Otherwise, they may think you’re just flattering and won’t take your words seriously. Moreover, if they feel your speech is not praising enough they’ll definitely tell you about the fact. So be honest but not too reserved with them.


Taureans don’t always feel at ease when they receive compliments. Sometimes they don’t know where to look when they hear pleasant words from others and may even become a bit tonguetied. Don’t be surprised if they drop their head and look at the ground when complimented, as it’s their natural way of accepting praise.

Compliments for Taurus

On the other hand, Taurus natives love to sing their own virtues. They’ll never forget about reminding people of their value as they know for sure they’re unique and irreplaceable. If you see that your Taurus friend or partner is shy when you’re paying him or her a compliment just remember that deep inside this person is ultimately happy.


Gemini people behave like a person in two minds: on one hand, they’re truly glad to receive compliments but on the other hand, they may start feeling that it’s a fake. They see at once if the praise is mere flattery and may become irritated by the fact. Don’t say pleasant words to Gemini reps if you don’t mean them!

If there is a thing Gemini natives hate it’s gushing compliments. When they realize that somebody is trying to abuse them with the help of a fake compliment nothing will stop their annoyance and anger. Remember that when you’re dealing with people born under this sign it’s better to say nothing than to say too much.


It’s so easy to motivate a Cancerian using warm words – try it once and you’ll see how encouraged they are. They are highly sentimental people and are always eager to return the favor with both their words and actions. Besides, Cancer representatives value their close friends and family members more than anything, they’ll be especially pleased to receive compliments from them.

At the same time, they'll hardly appreciate the warm phrases they hear from strangers or the people they don’t know well enough. Besides, they can’t help showing their appreciation to those who praise them, so you can expect some gifts and even flattery in return. Isn’t it a pleasant surprise?


Everybody knows that Leo is the most royal sign of the zodiac, that’s why for its representatives it’s quite normal and even essential to receive as many compliments as possible. You may even decide that compliments were invented for Leo people only! They feel proud when they hear words of flattery and will never reject them even if they’re not sure they’re sincere.

Compliments for Leo

People born under the sign always willingly thank compliment givers. Moreover, if you do it frequently and sincerely you will definitely become their lifelong friends. But be careful not to turn the words of praise into flattery all the time because there is a fine line between being caring and friendly and being a liar.


Virgo people are born realists who're used to treating things with a healthy dose of skepticism. They don’t want to listen to flattery and your fake compliments, and even if you're sincere they tend to take it with a grain of salt. Instead, they would like to see real actions that prove you appreciate them as much as you say.

Virgo natives don’t want to listen to obvious things, too, so if you tell them you like the way they look after visiting a beauty salon they'll hardly appreciate your words much. Moreover, their reaction to your statement can be just the opposite and they will be irritated by your inability to understand the obvious things.


People born under the sign of Libra are probably the best ones to pay compliments to. First, they much more often give praise than receive it. Second, when you say a couple of kind words to them they blush immediately and start hugging you with joy. It doesn't mean they don’t deserve such words, they just sometimes can’t believe they deserve it.

Libra natives tend to balance the scale and are eager to return the favor at once. They are never shy to tell you how smart, wonderful, and good you are. If you’re not against receiving praise in return to your warm words, you can make great friends with your Libra acquaintance. If you are – don’t be afraid of stating it directly.


Be especially careful when paying compliments to your Scorpio acquaintances, friends, or partners. When they hear kind words from you it’s hard to say at once if they’re pleased or not because they process every compliment and evaluate its worth. Be patient as they will respond when they’ve decided if the praise is sincere.

Compliments for Scorpio

If Scorpio natives realize your compliments are genuine they will demonstrate how much they enjoy them. But if they see that all you’ve said is fake flattery don’t expect fake gratitude in return. They don’t like to pretend and will probably stay rather indifferent or give you a piece of their mind.


The reaction of a Sagittarius person to your compliment may seem a bit weird and even disrespectful as they will probably start to laugh and make jokes after receiving it without any obvious reason. Don’t worry – it doesn’t mean they dislike you or your kind words. It’s just that they treat almost all things with humor.

In fact, they love being complimented and use it as a chance to dazzle you with their wit, beauty, and other outstanding qualities. It may even happen that your sincere compliment will lead to an incredible Sagittarius performance. Just learn to react to their way of accepting the compliment in the right way.


Capricorns are known for their practical approach to any issue, and compliments are not an exception. They want to hear useful and constructive praise only and are tired of abstract phrases that have in fact nothing to do with them. They will surely use positive words you tell them to become better and achieve more.

They love to connect the dots and would hardly appreciate empty phrases. It’s even possible that they will ask you to work on your words more to make them truly meaningful. However, if you get a compliment from your Capricorn acquaintance you can be absolutely sure that he or she is serious and you’ve done really great.


When making a compliment to an Aquarian you have to be sure it’s sincere and honest. Don’t worry if representatives of this sign will take some time to think your phrase over as it’s important for them to realize your real intentions. When they see you’re truthful they will give the most massive hug they’re capable of.

Compliments for Aquarius

It doesn’t matter if you know this person well or not, Aquarius natives are equally friendly to any person they’re acquainted with. If you want their response to be even brighter compliment them on something connected with their intellect. They love to hear things of this kind and their gratitude will be overwhelming.


It’s really hard to pay compliments to Pisces natives as they tend to analyze every single word you say. They want to be sure that you really mean what you’re saying. At first, they may seem totally thrilled by your words, but then they often think over every word until it gets a negative implication.

They love to create a whole story about things that haven’t been said. They may hear that they have beautiful eyes and decide that you said it in order to avoid discussing their excess weight. Be ready for such an attitude and expect to get extra questions about the true meaning of your words of praise.

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