Rune Stone Reading for January

We asked runes about your life this January, and here’s what they’re saying. Check out their predictions on your career, family life, relationships, and health!

By Eugenia Stern

Published: Dec 29, 2021

Your runes this January are Tiwaz and Ansuz.

Tiwaz (reversed): The Great Warrior

Rune Stone Reading for January: Tiwaz
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Let’s see what this rune means. Tiwaz is talking about sacrificing something important for a greater cause. Seeing this rune in your reading means that you probably won’t get any tangible reward soon. It says: everything has its own price, and I will pay it.

The rune is all about honesty and faith, which have more value than any material things. Tiwaz can be called a symbol of true grit.

What runes say about your career & job

Rune Stone Reading for January: Reversed Tiwaz
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The universe does not approve of your choices or decisions. Getting this rune in your reading may mean that failures are on the cards. A decline in strength is possible. Creative ideas around you are scarce. Coworkers may turn out unfaithful, or there may be some painful misunderstandings.

The decline in strength may be caused by bad timing and rushed decisions. Time to have a closer look at your career path. Is this truly what you want? Try to do your best to discover yourself and your abilities anew. The danger lies in rushed decisions, so before making an important choice (and changing your career path is quite important), make sure to look at your situation from every possible point of view. Is there something you don’t notice?

Think about faith and trust. Think about your life – is it good enough? Does your career bring joy? Reconsider your motives. You will soon find answers within yourself; just listen to what your heart has to say.

Try to be busy. This is not a dark time – you can devote it to looking for answers. Do not waste your energy fighting with something you cannot defeat.

Ansuz: Communication

Rune Stone Reading for January: Ansuz
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This rune is pretty straightforward. It’s all about communication in all forms, including interactions with your own spiritual realm. The rune speaks to you in a language you can easily understand; it doesn’t send you any cryptic messages. However, you need to be ready to listen to what the rune wants to tell you.

Knowledge is not given to those who don’t want it. Only those who are ready to work tirelessly can receive it.

Ansuz is talking about information streams traveling through the universe. It’s connected with any source of information, including dreams.

Rune Stone Reading for January: Health and Love
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What runes say about love life & health

The world wants to talk to you. No matter how difficult your situation seems to be, you will be helped. Be attentive to any words and signs, including those that come from your subconscious realm – dreams, revelations.

This rune is favorable for your health and relationships. Good luck may smile at you soon. If this has not happened yet, you can expect it soon. You may receive a gift from your loved one, or, if you’re single, someone may appear in your life and change it for the better. Or you may receive a gift from the higher powers that will help you change your attitude to your situation. This may allow you to feel healthier.

If you have health problems, they may disappear soon or at least become far more bearable.

Try to be very attentive and empathetic during random encounters, meetings, and conversations with your partner. Listen to the opinions of others. If something unusual happens (for example, your partner says or does something special), make sure to pay attention. Wait for a sign (from the universe or from within) and try to understand it.

The keywords for January are messages, signs, gifts, fighting.

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