This Year's Greatest Achievements Based On Your Sign

Each sign experienced the opportunity for growth this past year. Keep reading to see what achievement you can celebrate!
By Ani

Published: Dec 26, 2022

This past year has presented us all with lessons and opportunities for growth. If you do the work and face challenges head-on, you'll find that you'll be rewarded with blessings and luck.

Based On Your Sign, What Did You Achieve this Year?

In astrology, Saturn is the planet of lessons, and Jupiter brings us luck. Looking back over the past year and the placement of these planets, we can see where each sign has experienced the most growth and what achievements they can celebrate!


This past year, you've learned the importance of friendships and looking out for the collective. (By the way, don't forget to analyze your partnerships and friendships through this reading.) Though outgoing and energetic, you usually tend to be a lone wolf. You like having control, and you protect yourself by being your own number 1 priority. However, this past year has taught you that it's okay to allow yourself to be supported by others and that you can't do everything alone. You may have also learned how putting others before yourself can end up benefiting you in the long run! Even though you still may prefer to forge your path, you now understand the importance of taking others on the journey with you.

Aries achieved growth through focusing on the collective.


Your most outstanding achievement comes in the form of how you're recognized in your efforts and your career. Though you might have had some frustrations, you took the challenge head-on. People often see Taurus as the lazy and humble bull. However, when the bull has a goal in mind, no one can stop them from charging forward! Through ups and downs at work, you've proven yourself to be a capable leader and learned that even though putting yourself out there can be scary, the rewards are well worth it.


This past year you've done a bit of soul-searching and have connected back to your spirituality. This doesn't mean meditating on a mountain top with gurus. More likely, you found yourself diving into learning new skills that support your aims and goals for the future. Along the way, you've done some inner journeying and learned a lot about yourself and how you connect with the universe. These deep topics aren't always super fun for a lighthearted Gemini. But the transformation you've experienced over the year is well worth the growing pains. 

And if you're curious to learn more about your achievements, talents, and personality, try this birthdate analysis. 


Stepping into your power this past year is something you should be proud of. You've faced some extreme situations that seriously tested your inner strength. Battles might have come up surrounding finances, mental health, or even death. But you've persevered, and you made it! Luckily, no one handles emotional waves like a Cancer, and you used this innate strength to make it to the end of this year. You've proven to yourself that you can get through just about anything if you keep moving forward!


This past year, you've strengthened your personal relationships. There might have been battles with some people you're close to, but you learned who your best friends are and found strength in your partnerships. You allowed yourself to be supported by those close to you during difficult times, and you've returned the favor. Leos aren't the self-centered sign people make them out to be. They deeply value the close connections in their lives. As this year ends, you'll find yourself with bonds stronger than you realized they could be. Analyze your bond with your significant other here and see what you can accomplish together. 


You've found significant growth and successes in the workplace and within your daily habits. It is the things we do in our day-to-day that build our foundation for success. This year you've mastered your schedule, established impressive habits, and experienced growth at work. Being a perfectionist, you might not see how these small things have added up to shape some great success. But rest assured, you'll find more ease and flow now that you've given some much-needed attention to the seemingly mundane parts of your day.

Virgo found achievement by focusing on the small details.


You've managed to connect with fun and creativity this year! That might not seem like an "accomplishment." But expressing yourself through creative means and allowing yourself to have a good time can be tough in a world where work is valued over play. You were able to evaluate the things in your life that spark joy and prioritize them, even if a little bit of guilt told you that you should be doing otherwise. This past year was about choosing happiness, allowing you to live a more well-rounded and joyful existence.


This past year you've put a lot of focus into your home and where you lay down your roots. On the surface, this could mean that spending more time at home inspired you to create a safe haven by beautifying your space. But on a deeper level, you might have connected to your traditions or ancestry. By focusing on these areas of your life, you've managed to further solidify a foundation for deep transformation in the years to come.


Sagittarius, this past year you've been focusing on your close connections and expressing yourself through improving your communication abilities. Underneath that cheery disposition is a deep thinker who holds a lot of knowledge and wisdom. You're never one to shy away from sharing your thoughts and opinions, but this year you really stepped into your knowledge and maybe even uplifted others in the process. You found your voice, and now you can use this confidence and power to continue to share those deep thoughts that make people think and ask important questions.


Looking back on this past year Capricorn, you really nailed down your finances. (Boost your finances even more with the help of this Tarot reading.) Your sign is known to value stability through resources and income. But you know better than anyone that there are always improvements to be made! You've managed to set yourself up for a solid future. Even if you haven't implemented your plans or seen the fruits of your labor just yet, you've begun the process of making sure you and your loved ones are taken care of. That's something to be proud of!

Capricorn achieved laying a foundation for financial stability.


Aquarius tends to have their mind on the collective. You're always thinking about "the other" and what you can do to make the world a better place. But sometimes you must think about yourself! This past year you learned to focus on ways to make yourself better so that you can better show up for others. This year was all about going inward for you, and if you've done that, you'll be ready to take on the coming years with a deeper understanding of yourself. Now you're better able to tap into your innate talents, which will help you change the world. By the way, speaking about talents... You may have a hidden talent. See it here! 


This past year was all about going deep and developing that already potent intuition. This is a topic of comfort for Pisces. But what you've gained this year was the knowledge of how to better listen to those intuitive hits. Additionally, you've learned how to hold space for others through their darkest times. You're so empathetic that you tend to take other people's pain on as your own. But through practice, you've learned how to explore the depths while being a beacon of light

This year has brought plenty of growth and change for each one of the zodiac signs. Always remember to celebrate how far along you've come in your journey toward being the best version of yourself.

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