Your Mirror Sign

What is an astrological mirror and how to find yours?

Published: May 13, 2020

Every Zodiac sign has an astrological mirror, or polarity. When two signs are in opposition, they form the perfect example of yin and yang. They oppose each other at 180 degrees and each brings what the other lacks. Explore the mirror relationship with YOUR opposite Zodiac sign!

Aries and Libra


These two signs are 100% different – even their ruling planets (Mars and Venus) are opposite. However, Aries and Libra are Cardinal signs which makes them more similar than one can expect! They are both natural leaders and just know how to convince people. Aries is a fighter (fire) while Libra prefers achieving their goals in a more aerial way – freedom of thoughts and opinions is very important to any Libra. Aries is not afraid of confrontation (or even enjoys it) while Libra prefers peace. Aries can learn a lot from Libra’s ability to stay calm and Libra can benefit from the fiery passion of Aries.

Taurus and Scorpio


These two signs may seem similar but there are actually a lot of differences. Both are sensual but Scorpio’s sensuality is connected with spirituality while Taurus’s sensuality is physical. Taurus is honest and open about their feelings while Scorpio prefers to be secretive. Taurus looks for compromises and is always open for discussion while Scorpio stings when someone or something threatens them. Ultimately, Scorpio can benefit from Taurus’s serenity and Taurus can learn from Scorpio’s ability to heal themselves.

Gemini and Sagittarius


Gemini and Sagittarius are different and similar at the same time. They both think that truth is the most important thing in the world but their ways to find the truth are different. Gemini does it in a more logical way while Sag, whose Zodiac element is fire, prefers gathering information and truth in a physical way. To Gemini, even the tiniest details are important while Sagittarius prefers to look at the whole picture. Ultimately, these signs can learn from each other. Sag reminds Gemini that it’s not always wise to worry about details and Gemini teaches Sagittarius how to communicate and be more secretive.

Cancer and Capricorn


These two signs mean the same thing: security. They nourish but they do it in completely different ways. They’re the parents of the Zodiac (Cancer is the mother and Cap is the father). Cancer feels while Capricorn analyzes. Cancer is all about emotions while Capricorn prefers a more realistic approach. To Capricorn, having a successful career is everything while to Cancer, family is more important. They can learn a lot from each other, though: Capricorn can anchor Cancer when Cancer’s emotions go wild. Cancer can teach Capricorn to appreciate the comfort and peacefulness of family life.

Leo and Aquarius


To these signs, it’s important to be a leader and make a difference but they lead in a different way: Leo takes the stage while Aquarius directs the production. Leo may be kind of selfish while Aquarius cares about others. Leo is a fire sign, so they express their individuality in a physical way while Aquarius prefers the social way (aerial). These signs can learn from each other: Leo can teach Aquarius how to be passionate while Aquarius shows them how to spot and analyze every little detail.

Virgo and Pisces


These are two mutable signs which makes their relationship very complex and special. They’re fascinated by each other. To Virgo, it’s important to heal others, while to Pisces, the most important thing is to connect with others spiritually. Ultimately, they both want the same thing: to be useful and help others. They’re both selfless and compassionate: they’re always ready to neglect their own needs for the sake of others.

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