The Most Passionate

Fiery Mars prompts you to leap into action. It endows those who are prone to its influence with energy, passion and resolution to strive for success, be seen, recognized and appraised. Mars doesn’t stand sidetracking; it urges you to get things started and done.

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The red planet respects power, confidence and self-expression, both at work and in personal life. It drives you to pluck up courage and face challenges fully armed rather than seek compromise. Mars encourages aggression, but not for the sake of aggression itself: it is pleased by people of honor, fearlessness and assertion. Its energy can be destructive as well, bordering on violence; your task is to channel it in the right direction and use the force to boost your stamina and honest ambition.
Mars governs surgery, army, accidents, and sexuality. It completes its orbit in about 2 years. Its masculine energy has an influence over people born under the signs of Aries and Scorpio, as well as over the First House of Self and the Eighth House of Sex.
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