The Empress of Emotion

Moon is not only the closest celestial body to Earth, it also moves round our planet very fast, making a full circle in less than a month. All this accounts for the great impact that the Moon produces on each and every Zodiac sign.

The Moon rules the tides and our emotions; no wonder we can describe many life situations, states of mind and feelings in terms of the life-giving fluid: as happy as a clam at high water, still water, in low water, etc. Our emotions are ever-changing, like the sea, swinging from one extreme to the other under the influence of the Moon.

Some claim they can see a woman’s face on the Moon’s surface; that’s probably why it is known to symbolize mother and motherhood. The Moon appeals to the feminine; it governs the processes of bearing a child and giving birth to it. Almost every person’s deepest memories include a picture and a feeling of being held and caressed by their mother in the soft silver light flowing from outside the window at night.

Our emotions can make one’s day or ruin one’s life; they are exceptionally powerful and extremely hard to suppress. And it is the Moon that is responsible for giving us strength and determination or weakness and fragility. The nighttime luminary also gives us energy to cope with ups and downs, swings from cheerful laughter to bitter tears; it helps us find what we’ve been looking for. A full 28-day cycle of the Moon includes 2 ½ days in each Zodiac sign. The Moon emanates feminine energy; it exercises the most powerful influence over Cancer and the Fourth House.

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