The Rebellious Planet

Distant Uranus is making its zodiac orbit so slowly that the impact it produces upon life on Earth can only be noticed by certain generations, rather than individuals.

Uranus teaches those who are lucky to feel its influence to always get a fresh perspective of things and to keep up with the times. It rules new technologies and future in general. It urges people to stand out of the crowd, to ignore traditions for the sake of new inventions and ways. However, if this creative impulse is taken to an extreme, it may give rise to violence and transform into rebellions, revolutions and dictatorship. In nature, Uranus is the governing planet of various natural disasters.

At times Uranus may encourage extravagant behavior and utopian ideas. But if its energy is channeled in the right direction, it inspires great creativity and freedom of thought. Uranus completes its orbit in 84 years. Its androgynous energy has an influence over Aquarius and the Eleventh House of Friends.

Other Planets and Their Meanings

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