The Karmic Planet

Ringed Saturn loves loading people with work; it’s basically its main zodiacal function. It demands self-discipline and responsibility, but holds nothing against high ambition.
However, Saturn makes you question yourself non-stop whether you will manage to cram everything that you want to do in a single lifetime. But it also encourages you to learn life’s lessons, especially the ones it is eager to teach.
The ringed planet helps you acquire patterns of behavior, respect traditions and turn past experiences into worldly wisdom. Saturn prizes perseverance above all other human characteristics; structure and order are its domain. The planet tends to control the way you use your assets; it also keeps an eye on how you deal with good and bad karma.

Saturn completes its orbit in 28 to 30 years. Its masculine energy exercises an influence over people born under the signs of Capricorn and Aquarius, as well as over the Tenth House of Social Status and the Eleventh House of Friends.
Other Planets and Their Meanings

Decision Making Spread

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