The Dark Master of Power

Being the farthest planet from the Sun, Pluto travels the most remote corners of the solar system. Its energy may not reach us easily, but it is so forceful that even a subtle touch is enough to change the life of a whole nation completely. Pluto rules transformation and regeneration; it doesn’t ask, it just discards everything old and familiar to replace it with unknown things and experiences. You’d better be ready for change, because if you are not, Pluto’s influence will sweep you off your feet.

Pluto wants us to push the limits; it is not looking to kill, but to make us stronger. Its measures, however, can be really draconian, as the mysterious planet loves destruction and rules everything violent and harmful, like death, kidnapping, abuse, terrorism, coercion, atomic power, viruses, etc. It governs shadowy societies and underground activity in general.

Pluto’s power can’t be denied. It can make the masses look into their subconscious in search of a solution to the numerous problems it creates. The violent planet doesn’t care if it scares people – it just wants to see things done and lessons learned.

Pluto makes a complete circle around all the signs of the Zodiac in as much as 248 years, spending from 12 to 31 years in every sign. Its powerful energy rules Scorpio and the Eighth House.

Other Planets and Their Meanings

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