The Elusive Planet

Due to its fluid nature, the planet is associated with Poseidon, the Greek God of the Seas. Changeable Neptune rules the realm of dreams, illusions and everything mysterious. It drives self-improvement, enhances people’s spirituality, the ability of abstract thinking and understanding life situations clearly.
Neptune governs meditative activities, so those who are into music, dancing or poetry can feel its influence especially acutely. There are also darker days, on which Neptune shifts its influence into the underworld of addictions and trances. The desire to be in the spotlight is not alien to Neptune either, as it rules television, cinematography and glamorous lifestyles. However, the main reason for the association is that Neptune is the planet of illusions and all forms of art create an enchanting illusion that people can use as a getaway from their daily routines.
Neptune makes its orbit of the zodiac in 165 years, lingering in each sign for 14 years on the average. Its feminine energy exercises an influence over the sign Pisces, as well as over the Twelfth House of the Unconscious.
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