The Messenger Planet

Mercury is the planet that sets people talking. It rules intelligence, communication and logic and helps us generate thoughts and translate them into words in the most understandable way.
Constant motion and energy are Mercury’s strong suits. It encourages quick thinking, logical reasoning, and open-mindedness, helps people to express themselves, to form opinions and change them easily if there is a rational reason to do so. The messenger planet can produce a negative influence, too, but no one will have the guts to call it passive.
Mercury inspires people to go looking for answers and never stay in one place. Whether it is a short trip to a friend living in another part of your town or a continuous round-the-world journey, Mercury is the planet that rules every adventure. Unfortunately, when the planet goes retrograde, travels and communications will be inhibited.

Mercury completes its orbit in 88 days. Its energy is neither masculine nor feminine – it adapts to the sign it is travelling through. The messenger planet has an influence on the signs of Gemini and Virgo, as well as the Third House of Communication and the Sixth House of Health.
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