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Zodiac Family Portrait: How compatible are you?

Published: Apr 12, 2021

You can’t change any personality traits of your dad or that one relative (you know, THAT one) but understanding their motives will make family meetings somewhat more bearable. Explore your family astrology compatibility and find out why your loved ones are the way they are!

Family Astrology Compatibility: Elements



Signs belonging to certain elements are influenced by the characteristics of their element. This shapes their personality and the way they act.

Fire in Family Astrology


Fire signs (Leo, Aries, Sagittarius) are fanatical about everything they do. They are a source of warmth but sometimes it can burn. Due to their confidence, they never fail to motivate others and make important changes happen more quickly. If there’s a plan, they’re probably behind it, and you can trust them to put it into action. Conquering new ground is their favorite pastime activity. These signs can enjoy some drama and their brutal honesty is sometimes a bit too brutal.

Earth in Family Astrology


Taurus, Virgo, and Capricorn are down-to-earth, humble, and outgoing. They value tradition and need structure and balance in order to be comfortable. Their approach to life is three P’s: practicality, peace, and patience. They dislike surprises and tend to plan everything. One can always rely on them in times of crisis: they are sure to give you both emotional and practical support. Peace is crucial to them so they do their best to create financial stability in order to avoid any kind of drama.

Air in Family Astrology


Unlike the Earth squad, these signs like change. They’re always shifting and moving. They never lose a chance to evolve in one way or another and often want their loved ones to change and evolve with them – even if they don’t want it. Independent and spontaneous, they hate when someone tries to restrict their freedom. They are the most intelligent signs of the Zodiac and rely on logic. They always look for something new and exciting to learn, which makes them a bit anxious at times.

Water in Family Astrology


Intuitive and dreamy, Water signs (Scorpio, Cancer, and Pisces) rely on their sixth sense rather than logic and pay a lot of attention to the feelings and ideas of others. These signs often put other people’s needs and plans ahead of their own. They are extremely aware of what is on your mind, so trying to hide your thoughts from them is virtually impossible: they just KNOW what you’re thinking about. Water signs instinctively know if something is wrong and expect others to be as sensitive to their needs. They express their emotions in a subtle way, though, making it extremely difficult to understand if they’re sad.

Family Zodiac Compatibility


Air Signs + Fire Signs

These elements tend to click instantly, according to family astrology. Both are outgoing and passionate, so this union almost often equals excitement, fun, and lots, lots of adventures. Fire instills determination and courage, while Air signs know how to deal with the chaotic nature of the Fire team. However, sometimes the Fire team may think that Air signs are too cold and distant, while Air signs can find their nature too chaotic.

Earth Signs + Water Signs

These elements are a perfect match, so their relationships are always strong. Earth signs are patient enough to deal with Water signs and their moodiness, while Water gives them emotional support. On the other hand, some Earth signs may be bothered by how sensitive some Water signs are.

Fire Signs + Water Signs

In family astrology, both these elements are fiery and tend to be somewhat chaotic but unfortunately, their similarities seems to end here. Any Fire sign will be confused by the cryptic nature of Water signs, while the explosiveness of Fire signs can be tiresome for Water. Fire signs can cheer up Water signs with their adventurous attitude and give them a significant confidence boost.

Air Signs + Earth Signs

Practical Earth signs can have a hard time dealing with unpredictability and constant change of Air signs, so the union between these two often fails to work. However, Earth signs can explain Air signs why commitment matters, while Air signs encourage them to be more random.

Fire Signs + Earth Signs

Earth signs hate chaos, so building a healthy relationship with a Fire sign can be difficult. Fire’s explosive attitude is at odds with Earth’s practical nature. But Fire signs can inspire Earth signs to welcome new adventures.

Air Signs + Water Signs

According to family Zodiac compatibility, unions between these two spell a lot of effort: Air signs are talkative and rely on rationality while Water signs trust their sixth sense. At the same time, Air signs teach Water signs how to make their emotions less overwhelming, while Water signs can urge them to express their emotions freely.


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