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Not everyone can intuitively determine what exactly causes this cozy I’m-feeling-lucky thing. This read will help you identify your luckiest day of the week according to your zodiac sign so that to plan your activities on those days with which you resonate the best.

Published: Dec 03, 2021

Identify your luckiest days! 


March 21 - April 19

Mars rules Aries and Tuesday endowing them with positive aggression. The assertiveness and vital energies pervading Tuesday come from the bear, a sacred animal to Mars. Just as Aries people never stop bustling to put something through, Tuesday is a day to proceed with the things initiated on Monday. Have loose ends that bother you? Use Tuesdays to your advantage to tie them up.

Lucky Days Calendar for Aries

Tuesdays are also good for starting something new, though this “something” should be a thoroughly planned activity rather than a spontaneous idea. It could be anything from a new project at work to a new diet. This day is perfect for workouts and organizing your home and workplace. Introduce any shade of red to your outfit, including red gems for jewelry, to enhance your luck.


April 20 - May 20

Friday is a day when you can slow down after the work week, stop being productive, and enjoy your life to the fullest. Isn’t feeling the moment the thing you like the most? This is because both Taurus and Friday are ruled by sensual Venus. Fridays are the best to indulge yourself with your guilty pleasures.

Fridays are days when mending fences comes easy. This day is associated with swans that form lifelong bonds and are sacred to Venus. Use these Friday vibes to your advantage to fix or strengthen your relationship and family ties. To get luckier, introduce bright green and reds to your outfit. Emerald and amethyst will also bring luck to Taurus on Fridays.


May 21 - June 20

Wednesday splits a workweek in half reflecting the duality of Gemini. It’s the day when we usually assess what we have done so far and what we want to accomplish by the end of the week. Like Gemini, Wednesday is ruled by Mercury, the planet of communication, hence this day is good for holding negotiations and establishing new contacts.

Gemini representatives get a boost to their agility and ability to adapt to any situation. If you have an important meeting this week, make sure to arrange it for Wednesday. This day is also perfect for catching up with missed emails, calling a friend, or doing yoga. The colors of the day are bright blues and deep violet. To attract luck, you can also wear opals and agates.


June 21 - July 22

Mondays are generally considered outcasts of the week but not for Cancer representatives for whom these days hold a lot of potential. Mondays and Cancer people are ruled by the dreamy Moon that endows them with sensitivity and intuition. Therefore, on Monday consider following your hunches if doubtful.

Lucky Days Calendar for Cancer

Mondays are good for fresh starts so generating new ideas, creating a plan, or making investments sound like perfect Monday activities for all people, though Cancer representatives will benefit from them the most. To enhance your luck, add deep blues and white to your outfit or wear pearls, coral, or sapphire.


July 23 - August 22

People born under the sign of Leo feel luckier on Sundays that are ruled by the confident sun. Although this day is often viewed as linked to relaxation and rest, it is actually pervaded with the energy of the sun that boosts creativity and stimulates the senses. Lions are likely to benefit from new activities initiated on Sunday and from creative ones in particular.

Leo people can also use this day to practice unleashed self-indulgence or spend some quality time with their family to strengthen their ties. Warm hues such as red, yellow, saffron, and canary will help you channel the energy of the sun and increase your luck. To recharge your batteries, wear gold or diamonds on this day.


August 23 - September 22

Wednesday is a lucky day for Virgo reps. This day is governed by Mercury and hence correlates with intelligence and flexibility. Your goal-oriented sign appreciates the organizational side of this day as Wednesdays are perfect for assessing your week plans. You are likely to succeed in anything you start on Wednesday and in activities linked to communication in particular.

It’s a great time to make new contacts, arrange meetings, and sign up contracts. If you are thinking of starting a sport, Wednesday bicycling is what you need to recharge your batteries and normalize energy inflows. Opals, agates, and purple items added to your outfit will boost your luck on Wednesday.


September 23 - October 23

Libra people feel luckier on Fridays. This day is governed by Venus, which endows it with passion, excitement, and pleasure. Considering the social aspect boosted on Venus-ruled Fridays, think of arranging activities associated with establishing new contacts or strengthening current relationships. You are likely to benefit from contacts made on Fridays.

Lucky Days Calendar for Libra

Fridays are also great for improving your love life. A causal relationship that started on Friday very often turns into a serious one. If you are in a relationship, arrange a romantic dinner or a walk to get emotionally closer to your partner. To make the most of Fridays, introduce green and red items to your outfit. Wearing jade and diamonds will also help you attract luck.


October 24 - November 22

Scorpio people draw their energy from Tuesdays. After sluggish Monday, Tuesday is the day that radiates energy and assertiveness. Scorpio people have their intuition and smarts enhanced on Tuesdays. Therefore, if you have something on your mind, Tuesday is a great day to follow your hunches to make the right decision.

If you plan to start a new project, activity, habit, hobby, and whatnots, Tuesdays are for fresh starts. Mars that rules Tuesdays makes you more confident and assertive on these days so speak your mind, dear Scorpion. To attract luck, add the vibrant powerful color of red to your outfit. Ruby and carnelian for jewelry will also serve the purpose.


November 23 - December 21

Lucky Jupiter endows Thursdays with vitality and optimism and stimulates personal growth and development. Thursdays usually present Sagittarius natives with opportunities to improve their financial situation. Therefore, this day is perfect for finalizing deals and contracts, making investments, or working out a budgeting strategy.

Activities associated with professional and personal growth like mastering a new language or attending culinary classes that are started on Thursdays are likely to be linked with steady financial inflows in the future. Orange-red, navy blue, red, lemon yellow are colors that can enhance your luck on Thursdays. Wearing amethyst and lapis lazuli will also serve the purpose.


December 22 - January 19

Saturn-ruled Saturday is the luckiest day of the week for Capricorn representatives. This day radiates the energy of completion and achievement. So no wonder, Capricornians are most productive on Saturdays. This day is good for housekeeping activities, projects around the house, and working out budgeting strategies.

Lucky Days Calendar for Capricorn

However, Capricornians should avoid starting long-term projects on Saturday. The rule is “start on Saturday, finish on Saturday”. Regular maintenance in and around the house will come as no daunting chore for you. If you want to enhance your luck even further, add dark hues like black, brown, deep blue to your outfit. Onyx and obsidian boost your vital energies on Saturdays.


January 20 - February 19

Aquarius is a Wednesday zodiac sign. It’s not the beginning of the week and yet it’s far from its close, the ideal position for this Air sign. This Mercury-ruled day is like a watchtower of the week that allows to assess what has been done so far and what is yet to be done. This day radiates the energy of communicator Mercury and hence is perfect for mending fences and networking.

Dealing with legal paperwork, finalizing contracts, and making agreements come easier on Wednesday. If you are to deliver a speech, Wednesday is the best day to pick. To enhance your luck, introduce deep blue or purple items to your outfit. Choose opals and agates for jewelry to ensure your business deals will go smoothly.


February 20 - March 20

Pisces is a Thursday zodiac sign. Governed by Saturn, this day is a manifestation of optimism and generosity. Growth either linked to your personal development or professional is the word of the day. Studying and learning new things come easier on Thursdays and pay off when it comes to your career.

Contemplative Pisces people will also appreciate the harmony this day gives them. Use it to your advantage and expand your wisdom. This day is great for working out a budgeting or an assets protection plan. Add blues and yellows to your outfit to attract luck. Lapis lazuli and turquoise can also boost your luck on Thursdays.

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