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Use These Stones to Fight Off Stress and Bad Energies

Published: Mar 02, 2020

No matter how good you are at whatever you’re doing at your job, mental blockages, shyness, misunderstandings, anxiety, and many more issues sometimes happen. They intrude into your life and make it unbearable. You become less productive, less creative, and mumble angrily a little more often. And, the scariest part, vitamins and supplements don’t help you anymore. Even your favorite anti-stress pillow fails to set you free.

So, what to do?

Good news: there’s an easy solution. These 5 crystals can help you fight off anxiety, boost productivity, and simply be a better person and a better professional. Here’s the list of them!



Keep this stone by your side if you want to bring more balance and wisdom into your life and look at something really pretty while doing so. It’s known for its transformative abilities and can bring peace and kindness into hostile, unhealthy environments – and, let’s face it, most office jobs are somewhat unhealthy.

Other properties of this magnificent stone include an increase in intuition and making the spiritual side of your life stronger and brighter. To transform your working environment, put the stone on your table or place several tiny amethysts around the room you usually work in.

Lapis Lazuli


This blue stone protects you from negative energies and spiritual attacks. It harmonizes your mind and soul and also makes you more tolerant. If you have to deal with a lot of stress professionally, it can come in handy, especially if you work in sales. Lapis Lazuli helps you establish peace and forgiveness even if people are being total jerks to you. Leaving this stone on your work table or just putting it in your pocket may lead to the purification of your environment and your mind. Negative thoughts will disappear without a trace!



No stone is better to have on your work table if you want to push away envy, attract positive energies, and absorb negative ones. It also can expose flaws, weaknesses, and mental blockages, pointing out to attitudes that tend to deprive you of your strengths. Have this protective stone on your table if you want to defend yourself from negative people and mental attacks.



This golden-glistering stone is linked to creativity and money, that’s why you should have the stone by your side if you want to boost your self-esteem and confidence. If you are looking for a promotion and pay rise at work, this crystal will come at handy. Hold it daily and focus on its positive vibes!

Black Tourmaline


Tourmaline is not as shiny and pretty as other stones but don’t judge it by its cover because this is the most powerful crystal to protect you from shadow energies. Its power is able to defend you against vampirism, envy, dark intentions, and black magic. Leave the stone in a prominent place to remove the energies of people whose thoughts are far from positive. Tourmaline can also neutralize the negative effects of electronic devices, which is especially needed if you work at an office. Place the stone near your PC to maximize the crystal’s effect.


Other Ways of Using Crystals

You can use certain crystals just by connecting your energies with theirs: wearing them as jewelry, placing them on your table, carrying them in your purse – to put it shortly, you need to have them by your side. But there are some additional ways to maximize the benefits they can offer you.



Meditating with your crystals is probably one of the easiest and effective ways to calm down and connect to the powerful energies. It helps you open up to a deeper level of healing. Incorporate crystals into your meditations to make them more efficient.


This is another way of reducing anxiety. There are tons of crystal rituals you can find online or in books but you may also try this one: sit in the bright sunshine, grab your favorite crystal, and place the stone in the sun in front of you. This simple ritual will simultaneously cleanse your mind, give you lots of vitamin D, and recharge your stone with the powerful energies of the sun. When you’re ready, grab the crystal and imagine the energies and vibrations going through your body.

There are many various crystals to reduce anxiety and boost productivity, so trust your intuition when choosing one. Meditate, experiment, feel the energies, and feel good!

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