What Does Libra Season Have In Store For Aquarius?

October 2019 highlights the area of education for you, Aquarius. It does not necessarily mean you will actually study (of course, if you want to, feel free to do it), but rather to get new experiences, to give your life enough thought up to the point when thinking turns into philosophizing. You can also feel an urge to make new acquaintances and spread your social connections.

For the better part of the month, you will feel a non-stop need to get thrilled, to stir up your emotions, to be impressed. One of the easiest ways to satisfy this need is to travel. Breathtaking views will replenish your adrenaline and endorphin stock. During the second half of the month, focus on work-related matters. Closer to the end of October, shift your attention to what’s going on at home to prevent any arising issues.