Rune Stone Reading for April

This April, your life is shaped by two powerful runes. Read on to find out what to expect and how they affect your love life, career, and health!

Published: Mar 29, 2021

Your runes this April are Fehu and Uruz.

FEHU: Career 

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Fehu stands for personal property. It includes your memory, knowledge, ideas – everything you can get. Many people make the mistake of identifying themselves with their property – and the rune says that nothing a person can possess is eternal. FEHU symbolizes anything that can be given to a person. And what can be given can be taken back.

Your Luck, Job & Finances

Fehu is the rune of luck, wealth, food, financial strength, prosperity. It promises to support you and help you succeed. To see what Runes say about your love life, click here.

However, the rune needs time to reveal itself. Be prepared to wait: Fehu is not eager to quickly come to the surface.

Something important is entering your life: it may be a wish come true or a plan that turned into action, or a new possession. No matter how difficult your situation is, as long as there is even the tiniest chance of success, try to stay strong and optimistic. If you do, you’ll achieve your aspirations.

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According to Fehu, your financial situation will become stable soon. You treat the things you possess with respect. Your career (or your business) is going strong. You know what you want and you know that your dreams are achievable – and this is exactly why they will work out.

Financially, Fehu announces profit after hard work, well-deserved rewards, and appreciation. Socially, the rune foretells advancement and in some cases even fame.

Runic tips: Try to stay optimistic. Share your good fortune with others.

URUZ: Love & Health

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Uruz is the rune of energy (both magical and romantic). The rune allows you to create and materialize. It's a blank page – it has no meaning yet, but its potential is enormous. It’s all about possibilities.

In a narrower sense, the rune is associated with instincts and fullness of life. Its essence is feminine and masculine, making it one of the most potent runes in love magic.

The rune says that you are given a fantastic opportunity to make your dreams come true. Whether you can achieve this depends on you, but you will have an abundance of energy. Sometimes, Runes work better in combination with your zodiac sign - see how.

Your situation contains enormous potential. Think about what you want to create or transform, because this rune signifies a perfect time for change. Something important will soon end in your life, and therefore something new will begin. What is happening now may make your old way of living "die."

Your Love Life & Family Life

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In this context, Uruz is associated with primal sexual power, a relationship that makes you stronger, compatibility in love life.

If you’re single, the rune shows breathtaking adventures filled with passion. If you’re taken, the rune brings a share of sexual harmony and revitalizes a struggling couple.

Uruz is a powerful rune that brings change. It urges you to analyze your love or family life and find out if there is anything you want to change or upgrade. A new reality is emerging, making your relationship more meaningful. Don’t be afraid to use your sixth sense to understand what exactly needs to change.

Ask yourself: are you satisfied with your relationship? Are you giving enough? Are you receiving enough? How independent are you?


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Uruz governs self-healing, vitality, endurance, and maintenance of good health. We are all born with healing powers, so the rune asks you to listen to your body and understand its energy levels.

Ask yourself: are there any blocked energies in your body? Try to free them and get them moving again: place your hands on the area of blocked energies (it may be your head, your heart, your back, etc.), and visualize the healing light dissolving any blockages.

The rune sends the following messages: You have the power to self-heal. You allow your strength to rise up. You are brave and can handle anything your life throws at you. Being healthy is your goal.

To strengthen the effect of the rune, draw Uruz over a glass of water and then drink it, imagining how your energy blocks are going away.

Runic tips: listen to your body, exercise more to get the blood and energy flowing.

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