Attract Love Through Runes

Here’s how to use Scandinavian runes to find love

Published: Jan 18, 2021

Many of us struggle to find love or keep our already existing relationship afloat. Good news: Scandinavian runes do not only tell you about your future – they can also be used to attract love, harmony, and happiness. Check out the list of love-attracting runes below and find out how to use them! 

How to use runes to enhance love compatibility


wooden runes in a white bag

Runes should be close to your body (ideally, they should touch your skin), so you can draw them on pieces of wood or leather and wear them, or you can draw them on your body (preferably with henna or other natural dyes), you can draw them on soaps, or draw them on a piece of paper and place them near your (or someone else’s) photo. Use your imagination and intuition to find a way that suits you! 

Laguz ᛚ 


a stack of stones on a beach

This powerful rune is associated with female attractiveness. It is a symbol of a free and confident woman who believes herself to be equal to a man. Laguz is a beautiful rune that allows you to trust the flow of life and your feelings. 

Eihwaz ᛇ 

This rune helps when you want to achieve harmony and understanding in your relationship. It can have a healing effect on your union and resolve any conflict. With this rune, understanding your partner’s needs and ideas is much easier. 

Othala ᛟ 


two people holding hands

This rune gives a sense of confidence, a sense of irreplaceability, and purpose. Othala allows you to feel the connection to your partner or family, and seek strength and support from them. It allows you to cast off the old skin, renew your relationship, or find new love

Inguz ᛝ 

This rune is a symbol of completion. If you’re tired of the uncertainty and expect your partner to resolve an issue, move forward, or overcome their own shyness, use this rune. Inguz will give enough courage to your partner and upgrade your relationship

Gebo ᚷ 


Two hands connect puzzle pieces

Gebo is the rune of partnership, union, and relations – it means that friendship and relationships are an objective value. This rune is often used in love magic and allows you to restore the give-and-take balance in your relationship. Note: this rune will only help you if your partner really has feelings for you. 

Sowilo ᛋ

This strong and beautiful rune is associated with victory in everything including love as it makes you more confident and attracts luck. It’s one of the most energetically charged runes of them all. Chaos is impossible in the presence of Sowilo because the sun gives its power to this rune. Sowilo gives you courage and reminds you that there’s nothing impossible in this world.

Ansuz ᚨ


a young couple holding hands

If you need to remove barriers in love, use this rune. It helps you establish mutual understanding between you and your partner and gives you advice on how to improve your relationship (but you need to listen closely and pay attention to signs). Make sure to use your intuition, and this rune will be able to help you. 

Jera ᛃ 

Jera can be of great help when a woman wants to have children but for some reason cannot get pregnant. This rune is all about time and reward that awaits you. The essence of the rune is connected with diligence, patience, and trust in the natural order of things. 

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