Find Love with Tarot: Spreads to Bring Romance into Your Life

We all want to be swept off our feet and find that storybook love. Use our unique spreads to find your other half!

Finding love has never been easy. I’m sure you’ve had your fair share of bad dates or unworthy suitors. What if I told you there was a way to use your Tarot cards to find true love? The kind that gives you butterflies in your stomach, and you don’t have to question their motives or if they’re really into you.

Tarot is a straightforward way to get your answers about love from an unbiased source (as long as you interpret them correctly). Get ready to learn about two simple Tarot spreads that will surely point you in the direction of love!

‘What’s My Current Energy Around Love’ Spread

The first Tarot spread we’re going to cover will give you a sense of where your current energy stands when it comes to love. Sometimes, our subconscious knows our heart better than we do, which is exactly what this spread taps into. The idea is that it will reveal what is blocking you from manifesting love into your life and what you can do to change it.

Tips to Get Started

  • A Rider-Waite Tarot deck is best for this spread (no oracle cards, please!)
  • Relax and detach from the answer you want. This will help interpret the cards better.
  • Shuffle your cards how you normally would and do it a few times to get the energy flowing.

This spread is a 5-card spread. Below will be instructions to successfully find your current energy around love!

five card tarot spread
  • Position 1: This card will represent your past relationship/energy around love. It can also reveal if there are any residual energies you need to work through regarding your last relationship.
  • Position 2: This Tarot card will be the energy surrounding your present feelings about love. This position reveals if our heart center is open to love or if we are still “cold” to the idea.
  • Position 3: Card 3 will reveal the blockages stopping you from attracting your soul mate. Energetic blockages can be hard to pinpoint, which is why the Tarot is a great tool for revealing them.
  • Position 4: This card will be how to overcome the blockages that came up in position 3. When you become aware of what’s holding you back, you can better work through the blockages.
  • Position 5: The last card will represent the expected outcome from overcoming your blockages and opening your heart to attract love.

Keep in mind that no Tarot spread is set in stone. Our energy plays a large factor in how the Tarot cards play out in our life. The beauty of the Tarot lies in the fact it gives us a blueprint we can go by, and if we don’t deem that blueprint fit, we don’t have to follow it.

With that being said, the “current energy around love” tarot spread is an amazing way to get a feel of what’s holding you back from attracting your ideal partner.

The ‘Seeking Love’ Three-Card Tarot Spread

The second Tarot spread we are going to cover will give you an idea of how potential partners see you and what can help you find your other half. This is a straightforward, easy-to-follow three-card Tarot spread.

Follow the same tips from the previous Tarot spread to allow your energy to be open to hearing the messages that want to come through.

three card tarot spread with white candles
  • Position 1: This card will represent how other people or a potential partner views you. Do you seem closed off to other people? Do they even notice you? These are questions that can be answered in this position.
  • Position 2: Card 2 reveals the type of person you are attracting based on your current energy. This will help you decide if you’re happy in your current state or if you need to make changes.
  • Position 3: The last card will tell you what will help you find/attract your soul mate.

Three card spreads are great because of their simplicity. They are ideal for anyone new or just starting with the Tarot. Of course, three-card spreads are great for any level Tarot reader. They are a great tool for getting down to the details of what you’re asking.

Why Tarot Spreads are Important

Tarot spreads are great because they give us an exact guideline to follow regarding the questions we are asking our cards. Instead of generating questions yourself, a Tarot spread can do that for you, especially if you use the ones we provided above.

Tarot spreads also add depth to readings. Tarot is best used for open-ended questions rather than yes or no. When we use Tarot spreads, we keep the questions we have open to allow the information to flow naturally. Our Tarot cards can speak to us better and more effectively with the use of spreads.

If you worry that you can’t interpret the cards correctly, even with a spread, don’t be afraid to use a professional Tarot reader. We have an amazing team of Tarot readers that would love to answer all of your burning questions.

Final Thoughts on Using Tarot to Find Love

Love is a sensitive subject for many, and it can be hard to interpret the cards with no bias. We know the outcome we want deep down inside, and sometimes we use Tarot cards as a way to confirm our feelings, even if the cards try to tell us something different.

Allow yourself to be open to the information that comes through the Tarot spreads above. Don’t allow yourself to control the outcome based on what you want to hear. It’s best to remain open so you can truly get down to what will help you attract your other half.

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