Spring Equinox: Your Next Turning Point

What changes will the spring equinox bring you?

Published: Mar 20, 2023

What will the spring equinox bring every zodiac sign?

In 2023, spring will last from March 20 up to June 21, and it’s the spring equinox that will launch the process. Any equinox is a special date because it marks the moment when the day and the night are equally long. After the autumnal equinox, the night becomes longer than the day; after the spring one, luckily for us, it’s the day and light that start winning this battle. What does it mean for your sign? Scroll to your sign to get the answer!

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Equinox for Aries
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Dear Aries, your season is coming! This means everybody’s focus is shifted to you, so you'll probably enjoy every single moment of it. However, don’t forget that life is not only about fun; you have to stay serious sometimes to achieve your goals. Don’t forget to dream big, though, as it will lead you to even bigger achievements! 

In March, you’ll have to be more patient as there are chances that Mercury will, as usual, spoil everything turning your life into an uncontrolled adventure. How to cope with the challenges? Don’t forget to smile and remain as brave as you’ve always been. April will be much luckier for you. And to attract more abundance into your life, try this reading. You will find out what stops you from earning more!


Dear Taurus, it’s time to stop being the center of everybody’s attention. Yes, spring is here, and you must have been going to shine bright. However, the stars suggest you should take a step back and have some rest from the limelight. You have already proved that you deserve everybody’s attention, and now it’s time to have some rest from all this noise.

Still, the equinox brings you enough strength to introduce some changes into your life. Both at home and work, you’ll decide to take control and make sure you’re moving in the right direction. If you’ve been unhappy about your current situation, it’s high time you did something — for example, consult with the Universe! This Shamanic Oracle reading will tell you everything you need to know about your love life and career. 


Equinox for Gemini
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Dear Gemini, the spring equinox is coming with fresh ideas, just as it’s supposed to. If you’ve been thinking about starting a new project but haven't yet dared to start, now is the time. You might be eager to bring something to the table and express your deepest beliefs at the same time. The equinox opens these opportunities for you now – just get started!

Unfortunately, some financial problems are possible during the period, so your task will be not to let them hold you back in your endeavors. You are great at adapting to new circumstances, even the hardest ones, so we’re pretty sure this challenge won’t stop you. In May, things will become much easier, so just brace yourself and keep going!

By the way, if you need help with your finances, this reading will tell you everything you need to know about your current situation and challenges. See how to solve your issues!


Hooray, the winter is over, and it’s time for the wakening! Let your team know you’re back from your seasonal hibernation, and use your energy and long days to the fullest!

What’s more, now you’re ready to take your life into your own hands. You’re tired of waiting and want things to be solved quickly now. The coming months are going to be neither quiet nor easy ones, but the result is worth the challenge! Dear Cancer, don’t worry – you’ll enjoy this period of excitement and will later recall it with warm feelings.


Equinox for Leo
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Dear Leo, the spring equinox encourages you to spice up your life as you’ve got stuck in a rut lately. You’re tired of simple calm things; however, before using your energy to turn the world around into chaos, try to channel it wisely. Try something like meditation or yoga, and you’ll see how a few simple steps will change your everyday life and improve your mood.

In general, the coming spring will be a changing period for Leo. Get ready for the ups and downs. Unexpected issues can affect both your love life and your professional one; do your best not to let them overpower you. However, don’t forget to analyze your behavior as well and change it if you see it’s too far from being perfect.


Dear Virgo, spring is coming with its romantic vibes, and you’re going to surrender. It’s ok if you already have a reliable partner, but if you don’t, you can start looking back. That’s not the best idea, though, because texting your ex can lead to unexpected and not necessarily positive results. Your friends will probably try to stop you, and you’d better follow their advice!

Starting from the equinox, you’ll feel that you have more energy than ever before. Your efficiency and creativity will skyrocket, allowing you to achieve all your goals in both love and your career. Believe in your power, dear Virgo, and be a bit more careful about your funds in March.

What else can you do to achieve your career goals this spring? Analyze your dreams & goals, and see if you have any HIDDEN issues here!


Equinox for Libra
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Congrats, dear Libra! After experiencing a lack of love for so long, you’re now on your way to finding the one. Be careful about jealousy issues, though. To cope with them, arrange a fair conversation with your significant other and make sure all the needed boundaries have been set.

The new equinox is also beneficial for taking charge of your life. If you’ve been contemplating a new business idea, the beginning of spring is the best time to turn it into reality. Being ambitious enough will make you a happier and a more successful person, both in your private life and in your finances.


Dear Scorpio, the spring equinox is all about work for you. You are the one who notices what’s going on and what needs to be changed, so it’s you who’ll have to act first. When you see what bothers your colleagues and what can be done about it, you’ll make another big step toward your promotion.

As for the other spheres of your life, you can expect some relationship issues to arise. Thanks to your disciplined approach, you will successfully reach your aims. If you feel that you’re stuck in a situation and can’t change a thing, just remain calm, as Mars and Saturn will soon offer you the keys to success.

And if you're going through a rough patch in your relationship, don't despair. Explore your connection and see how to solve your issues here!


Equinox for Sagittarius
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Dear Sag, a now romantic connection is entering your life, but you’re not sure whether to accept it or not. Relax, and don’t let your fear of commitment stand in your way to happiness! Use the spring equinox to forget about your old habits and let something new and beautiful into your life.

This spring, try not to let the circumstances affect you too deeply. Just go with the flow and relax, as things will work out fine in the end. You’ll be filled with energy and will energize others, too. You possess a very strong personality, and it allows you to set the highest aims.


Dear Cap, you’re the one who enjoys this “remote work” routine. The spring equinox is not going to change things, and you’ll remain as professional as you’ve always been, even in your slippers and pajamas. You can do anything while emailing your colleagues but will remain one of the most skilled and hard-working specialists of the company.

Another piece of good news is your luck, as after the equinox, it will skyrocket. In April, you’ll receive the much-needed boost from Mars and Saturn that will help you make significant progress in your endeavors. May will change your financial situation for the better, so try to get the best out of it and support your family. There is a high chance of a good offer, so make sure you won’t miss it!


Equinox for Aquarius
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The winter has been pretty tough for you, dear Aquarius, but the spring equinox is here to bring you some great news. Now, your romantic relationship is going to flourish, so be ready to break as many hearts as you want to!

As for your finances, everything will go well, too. Previously, there might have been some misunderstandings or even fights connected with your attempts to find your place in the sun. Fortunately, now your partner will always be there to protect you. Don’t forget that our closest people are eager to help when it’s needed, so don’t be shy and share your problems and torturing thoughts with them.


Dear Pisces, getting stuck in your dreams, you often forget about the importance of the real world. You want your partner to read your thoughts everywhere, including your bed. Don’t be so closed and shy; the spring equinox is a good reason to express your desires, no matter how intimate they are! Just say what you want – yes, it’s THAT simple.

March is going to be a stressful month, although you’ll bask in the warm rays of your luck both in love and in your career. Your creativity and your strong intuition impress the people around you and make them notice you. However, don’t forget that it’s your belief in your powers that can be the biggest challenge for you this spring.

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