Are You Likely To Get Back With Your Ex, According To Your Sign?

Sometimes, ‘We’re Never Ever Ever Getting Back Together’ can turn into ‘Never Really Over.’ You break up with your ex, and then you get back together again. And some signs are more likely to reunite with their ex-partners. See if your sign is one of them and check out relationship tips for your sign!

By Eugenia Stern

Published: May 22, 2023


Gemini people are great at three things: looking great, annoying others, and changing their mind. And they’re also adept at failing to move on. They will keep thinking about their ex, replaying sweet, sweet memories in their head. They will convince themselves that it’s possible to write another great love story together with this person. And honestly, quite often, they’re right.

Signs That Get Back With Their Exes
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Tips for Gemini

Whether you broke up because of infidelity, some external reasons, or because the spark between you just died out, you understand that something needs to be changed or fixed. Healing your relationship can be quite difficult — you probably don’t even know where to start. Here is a quick tip for your sign that can help you rebuild your connection.

When something doesn’t go your way, it almost always brings a lot of negative self-talk and anxiety. You may feel like you’re not worthy of love or that you will never be happy again. But you know what? It’s possible for you both to work together and try to bring that spark back. Try to talk to them, try doing something new together if they’re ready — the most important thing now is to get rid of your old routine. Spice up your relationship, surprise your ex.

If you’re a Gemini who is thinking about getting back with your ex, this Tarot spread will answer all your questions. Your feelings, THEIR feelings, what awaits you, and more!


Ruled by Venus, Taureans are known for their stubbornness. They won’t just give up — whether it’s about their goals or romantic relationships. And sometimes, it leads them to stay in a stagnant relationship for too long. To them, breakups are not liberating; they see them as something that ruins a perfectly balanced structure or something that wastes their time.

Signs That Get Back With Their Exes
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Tips for Taurus

Dear Taureans, you are very patient, and you’re set in your ways. You hope that your partner will understand your point of view and see things YOUR way without questioning or doubting you. But you need to remember that your relationship is about the two of you, not just you. You’re supposed to take your partner’s point of view into account. You hate it when others try to give you alternative ways, but you need to learn to be more flexible and open-minded. Your stubbornness won’t help you restore your relationship with your ex — it will just end it once and for all.

So, should you try to move on, or should you try to restore your relationship with your ex? Find out here.

How To Get Your Ex Back?
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Explore your connection


Libras almost always regret breakups. As the diplomats of the Zodiac sign, they tend to see a breakup as a diplomatic failure. They try to avoid conflicts — any conflicts — at all costs. They’re not really indecisive, they just want to make the right choice and not ruin harmony in the process. They often feel like moving on from their past relationship will break the existing balance. That’s why they end up giving their ex a second chance.

Signs That Get Back With Their Exes
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Tips for Libra

You know that Libra is all about equality and balance, right? I mean, just look at your sign’s symbol. That’s why harmony is a must in your romantic relationship. However, at the same time, your relationship shouldn’t be boring or monotonous. Equality doesn’t mean boredom. There should be plenty of space for romance. The fear of routine can ruin your relationship — so if you want to restore your connection, try to talk to your ex-partner and explain what you’re so scared of.

If you’re thinking about getting back with your ex, it may be the right decision. Explore your and your ex-partner’s feelings here in detail!


Pisceans are dreamy, sensitive, and idealistic, and for them, it’s almost always nearly impossible to move on from their past relationship. They will watch romantic movies while thinking about their ex and their past relationship. They will overthink their breakup, trying to understand what exactly went wrong. And if their ex decides to come back, most Pisceans will not say no. They have that cute belief that people can change, that they can fix their ex and restore their relationship. Piscean optimism is adorable and admirable, and often, they’re right — their relationship CAN be healed.

Signs That Get Back With Their Exes
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Tips for Pisces

So, is it possible to restore your relationship if you feel like both you and your partner are ready? It is, but you need to work together with your partner. Your relationship is your comfort zone and your escape. You find comfort there, and you go there to feel happy and serene. And most likely, your ex-partner used to give you everything you wanted — maybe they even gave you too much. You felt overwhelmed by their love. It’s important to find harmony between you and your partner if you want to restore your connection. Most likely, your partner still loves you, but you need to be honest with each other and try to define what a healthy relationship means to you.

If you’re trying to heal your connection with your ex, you need extra help. In this reading, you will learn more about your feelings, your issues, and more!

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