New Romantic Opportunities For Virgo.

The coming year will be filled with major events for you, Virgo. Saturn and Pluto, staying in your 5th house of romance, will require that you revise your expectations from love. And to do that, you need to slow down and stay single for some time. You will need that time to discover your romantic obstacles.

Use your single phase as an opportunity to create a solid foundation in your heart. Once you are in peace with yourself, you’ll be ready for love from another person. Two Solar Eclipses in your love sector on January 5 and December 26 will mark your progress in the matters of the heart. Love can truly blossom by December.

Those who already have a partner will face some confusion in their relationships. If one of the partners sees the relationship in pink colors while the other realizes the truth, misunderstandings are bound to arise. Though you may be disappointed with your family situation, love will still be there.