New Zodiacal Year

When the Sun enters Aries, the Zodiacal year begins. Find out how to make the most of it!

Published: Apr 08, 2020

When the Sun moves into Aries, the first sign of the Zodiac, the brand-new astrological year begins, initiating the spring season and lots, lots of changes. Will these changes be positive for your sign? What to do and what to say when the Sun is in Aries? How exactly does it affect your life? Here’s everything you need to know…

The Sun: What it symbolizes


This powerful celestial body is all about who you are: your individuality and sense of self. It symbolizes motivation, courage, and ability to change – that’s why the Sun + Aries is a very powerful and meaningful combination!

The Sun and Aries

This duo urges us to let go of the past and the future: live in the present, it tells us. Aries does not enter the room to let us relax in our comfort zone. It is here to make us act, improvise, and use our imagination. The sign’s chaotic energy helps us break old habits and start anew.

Don’t expect things to get dull and repetitive when the Sun is in Aries. Here are several tips on how to make the most of this transit!

Here’s what to do

Adopt the courageous energy of Aries and take the lead! Use the fiery vibes to go after something you want.

Here’s what to say


Be as straightforward as possible. Don’t be afraid to be bossy: “I’m right and everyone else is wrong” is your motto when the Sun is in Aries. You don’t have time to be wrong or admit your mistakes. Adopt the somewhat-unbearable Aries attitude to get anywhere you need fast! You can’t let anything stand in your way. Enjoy the newly acquired Aries-like confidence and don’t be afraid to be too pushy!

Here’s where to go

Visit some sporting events or just watch sports at home. The fiery energy of Aries loves action, so head to the stadium and pick a team to cheer for! Better yet to become a part of the game, so try to sign up for a sports lesson!

Here’s what to wear


Wear something comfortable! When the Sun is in Aries, you should be ready for action, so why not wear some red sneakers? (why red? Because Aries, of course! Red and orange are the colors that suit this sign best). You never know where life will take you now – wear the comfiest shoes you can find and carry enough band-aids in your backpack!

Here’s what to buy

Time to buy a present for yourself! Buying something expensive on impulse just to make yourself happy is so Aries-like, so feel the energy of this fiery sign by treating yourself to a new gadget or a beautiful dress!

Here’s what to be aware of


Being pushy and confident is great when the Sun is in Aries but make sure not to be a bit too confident. Going too fast and not thinking before you talk can get you in trouble. Spontaneity is a good thing but rushing too quickly can hurt you and others. Think before you act! 

Here’s what to expect

Be ready for lots, lots of excitement and adventures! When the Sun is in the Aries, you’re likely to be seeking out things that are new, bold, and different. Shake off your dull routine and feel the renewed energy of the Sun!

Here’s how to love

When the Sun is in Aries, your heart is full of passion. You don’t want to focus on long-term commitments, though – you want to live in the moment and enjoy the carefree side of love. Now, everything should be lively, fun, and physical. It’s a great time to feel the thrill of the chase!

Here’s how to work

Show others the quickest, smartest way to get things done. Planning and analyzing is not something you should do when the Sun is in Aries – focus on action. Overcome your own limitations, leave your comfort zone, challenge yourself, and be rewarded. Finish your project and start a new one immediately because burnouts are not something you should be afraid of now!

Here’s how to have fun

It’s a great time to embrace independence but you know that life is not as much fun alone as it is with others! Spend more time with friends, go out more, embrace the adventurous spirit of the Sun in Aries, and explore new places!

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